“For the nation and kingdom which shall not serve you, shall perish, and nations shall be utterly ruined.” Isaiah 60 v12

America and Israel




Has it ever struck you as strange that, as the Hordes of GOG / MAGOG invade Israel, there is no prophetic reference of a great nation (USA) standing up for Israel?

In 2022, America has a president who suddenly deserted Afghanistan to the Taliban, will not stand up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and insists on trying to restart the disastrous deal with Iran even as they are on the threshold of gaining nuclear weapons.

By signalling such readiness to desert America's friends, and signlling such weakness to tyrants and rogue states he is making the USA a minor league nation. China must be watching his handling of Putin's war to see if he will do anything to defend Taiwan.

Whilst doing this, his trading strategies are handing control of space, technology and even national security to the Chinese Communist Party, via companies like Huwawi that are party owned.

In pursuit of envornmental policies he is shutting down America's home energy production under pressure from Russian sponsored Eco pressure groups. Thus America will be hostage to Russian energy as well as being bound to China.

Check out "Dark Money" that is increasingly allowing unlimited anonymous contributions to (mainly Democrat) election funds by hostile state actors.

I would suggest that America could easily be irrelevant by the time Ezekiel's war starts. And that could be much sooner than we think. See Timeline


Maoz Israel Monthly Report: August 2015 - A Message by Shira Sorko-Ram

Tonight I'm giving you a perspective of America from the vantage point across the sea - from Israel. Here is what I see.

America is the most powerful nation that has ever existed. It was founded by a majority of God-fearing immigrants who came searching for freedom of religion. Except for Israel at her pinnacle, America has nurtured the greatest God-fearing society, which in turn, created the most remarkable democracy ever - in the history of mankind. But today it has enemies. Evil enemies that are determined to bring this nation down - and all the Western democratic countries with it.

The Brit HaHadasha (the New Testament) says that in the Last Days it would be as it was in the days of Noah. The Tanach (the Old Testament) specifically states that Noah's days were dark with wickedness, and the earth was corrupt and filled with violence.

If you want to really understand what is happening in the world today, it is essential that you be a faithful reader of the entire Bible. Because only in the Bible can we learn how God dealt with His beloved Israel, which in turn explains how God deals with nations today that at one time followed the God of Israel. Here's how it works:

When a nation experiences a spiritual awakening to the One True God, He always blesses that nation. But as the people prosper, they began to worship other gods - self, money, immorality, addictions, power and so on.

God sends his servants then to warn that nation. But after many warnings with no response from hard hearts, that nation begins to decline morally, physically and economically, and finally spirals into lawlessness and chaos.

It either becomes a mere shadow of what it once was, or it disappears.

Today in America - and I am focusing on America - violence and corruption have spread everywhere. (And I must sorrowfully add that much of what I say about America also describes Israeli culture.)

The root of America's decline results from this country's turning away from God. In modern English we call it atheism or agnosticism. You and I know that no void ever remains static. A heart without God will always be filled with other gods. Then, as happened with ancient Israel, everyone does what was right in his own eyes.


Today the religion of atheism is being taught with a vengeance by arrogant professors in once-God-fearing institutions. Their students have graduated and they fill positions of leadership, including political offices and mainstream media - which have a great influence on America's culture and spiritual environment. This god-less generation is now spreading its atheistic religion into your homes, into your schools, and into your laws, so that the next generation will only know to accept this culture as the norm.


Next, Hollywood with its incredible talent, beauty and creativity has reached into every state, city and town, every computer and every smart phone, with its gods of sex and violence. The irreligious universities and the media eat it up.

The person known by many as the greatest living athlete has so hated his body that he became a transgender. The world has honored him with the Arthur Ashe award for courage by ESPN, which shows the hopelessness, the lostness, the unhappiness of a generation that worships itself. Moreover, it is spitting in the Creator's face. Yeshua the Messiah clearly confirmed the Tanach when He said that from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.


But there is still another evil eating away at America. The religion of Islam has as its goal to completely transform America by replacing the constitution with Sharia law. You don't believe it?

In 2004, the FBI uncovered a Muslim Brotherhood trove - two truckloads of documents explaining Islam's five-phase blueprint to take over the United States.

I'll quote from their mission statement:

"The Muslim Brotherhood must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within - so that it is eliminated and Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

Remarkably, these documents of the Brotherhood's plans could be found on the uscourts.gov website. I know because I used facts from them for articles I wrote in the Maoz Israel Report starting last January.

Last week I looked, and they had been deleted from the government website. However, you can still buy the basic plan in a booklet from Amazon called "An Explanatory Memorandum" from the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Because of the corruption of America's government and turning its back on the God of our forefathers, it has been blinded to the mission of Islam in America. Even today, Islamists, according to their time-line and goals, are taking ground in the U.S. - especially on American campuses.

America's inability to discern Islam's theological goals explains why America and Europe insist that Israel give the Palestinian Muslims the privilege of creating an Islamic state in the hills overlooking Israel's cities and airports.

According to all the polls I have seen, Hamas will win the next election in Judea and Samaria - the West Bank.

Isn't it interesting that the place where Yeshua is going to return - the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem - is claimed by Muslims as the Islamic capital of the PLO Palestinian State?

And so the strangest marriage imaginable is taking place in America - the far-left atheists and agnostics, together with Hollywood's purveyors of filth and carnage are teaming up with Muslims to reshape America as an anti-Jewish, anti- Christian, "free society." All of them are at work to replace democracy, freedom of religion and the nation's moral compass with hedonism. The unexpected twist for this nation would be to learn that Islam then plans to replace hedonism with Sharia.

Even now Muslims are on track with their undemocratic Islamic plans. Their immediate push is to demand that the U.S. pass laws against persecution - of Christians? Anti-Semitism? Anti-Zionism? No, they are demanding laws against what they call Islamophobia, claiming it a hate crime - so they can continue to work their plan unopposed.

They vilify Israel, Jews and Christians. But they are demanding that it be illegal to speak against Islam.

And the atheistic judges are getting crazy enough to mandate such a law. Opposition to Islamophobia already has much traction in the U.N. and in Europe.


And that brings me to one more powerful evil force at work in America today - the religion of anti-Semitism.

The atheist professors and their Muslim students, together with the free souls of Hollywood and much of the media and even the LGBT movement have banded together to push The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions - the BDS movement against Israel - which is now spreading like wildfire across campuses and even mainline churches. The intent of the BDS is to isolate, demonize, collapse its economy and finally destroy the Zionist state. In America, and sadly, even in Israel, there are not a few liberal Jews caught up in this weapon against the Jewish state.


The question is, can we win this battle? It is possible, but not probable. We can - but it will take enormous commitment, boldness and self-sacrifice. Ari spends considerable time in China. Many of the Christian leaders with which he is in contact there, have spent years in jail because they refused to compromise their faith. Are we willing to go to jail for our faith?

Listen, Messianic Jews and Christians! Only a massive spiritual surge could win this war of wickedness, fighting to conquer this amazing country.

Unrelenting prayers and bold, courageous actions of God's people could turn this around. The fact that the Obama administration has just signed congress' trade laws into effect with an amendment that no EU country that has free trade with the U.S. can boycott Israel. . . . that's huge! This is an enormous victory for Israel. I would truly call this an act of God! But the fight has just begun!

[Note: the next day after I gave this message, the U.S. State Department announced that although President Obama had signed the bill into law, he was not going to enforce the law! When I included this event in my message, it had seemed too good to be true. Sadly, it was . . .

But here is our great challenge.

We must hate atheism but love the atheists.

We must hate perversion of sex but love the homosexuals.

We must hate the god of Islam but love the Muslims.

Yet we must stand up with every fiber in our being for the God of Israel, and for Zion's sake. We must stand up for the Land that God repeatedly said He has given to the Jewish people. We must refuse to allow America to turn its back on Israel.

I suggest you join a group or organization that is actively fighting one or more of these evil belief systems.

Most of all we must fearlessly read the Bible, believe the Bible and bring its truth of salvation through Yeshua the Messiah back to America in every possible way through bold unified activism - so that this nation will not be destroyed, but once again be a light to the nations - as a grafted-in olive branch to the Olive Tree, which is Israel.

May America (and I include Canada, the UK and all other nations) stand with Israel until the day when all Israel shall be saved, and all the ends of the earth will worship only One God whose light shines from Zion, the God of Israel and His Son Yeshua the Messiah, King of the Jews.

May God bless Israel! And may God bless the United States of America!

This message was given by Shira Sorko-Ram at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America on June 30, 2015.

Posted 16/02/16


The IAF's Achilles' Heel


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told government ministers that he may wait for the next US president before signing a new military assistance deal with America. Israel's current military assistance package is set to expire in 2018 and the new package is supposed to include supplemental aid to compensate Israel for President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. But to date, the administration has rejected Israel's requests for additional systems it could use to defend against Iran attacks. Last October, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon asked US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to provide Israel with a new squadron of F-15s that Israel would outfit with its own electronics systems. Carter reportedly rejected that request as well as one for bunker buster bombs.Carter instead insisted that Israel use the supplemental aid to purchase more F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, US-made missile defense systems, and the Osprey V-22 helicopter, which Ya'alon didn't want.

The fact that the administration wants Israel to buy more F-35s instead of F-15s is alarming both for what it tells us about America's commitment to maintaining Israel's qualitative edge against Iran and for what it tells us about the F-35, which is set to become the IAF's next generation combat fighter.

Before considering these issues, it is worth pointing out that the US is not the ally it once was. This week Britain's International Institute for Strategic Studies published a report warning that the West's decades-long military technological superiority over Russia, China and other countries is eroding. The erosion of the West's military technological advantage over the likes of China and Russia is deeply problematic for Israel. Given the IAF's complete dependence on US defensive and offensive systems, absent other factors, Israel is imperiled simply by keeping its eggs in America's basket. But there are other factors that make continued dependence on the US problematic in the extreme. The erosion of the US's military technological superiority is matched by its growing weakness internationally. This weakness is most glaring today in Syria.Last November, Russia deployed an S-400 anti-aircraft system in Latakia. The system is capable of downing jets from a distance of 400 km. Half of Israel, including Ben-Gurion Airport, is within its range. Last December, a member of the IDF General Staff ruminated that never in their worst nightmares did Israeli military planners imagine that the S-400 would be deployed so close to us.The S-400 ended Israel's regional air superiority. It also ended US air superiority.In late December, Bloomberg reported that right after the Russians deployed the S-400, they began targeting with radar US planes providing air support to rebel forces in Syria. US officials called Russia's actions "a direct and dangerous provocation."Rather than respond forcefully to Russia's aggressive move, the US ended all manned flights in the area. It stopped providing air support to rebel forces. There is a direct connection between the US's docile acceptance of its loss of air superiority in December and the brutal Russian supported assault on Aleppo today.This week, ambassador Dennis Ross and New York Times military correspondent David Sanger, who are both generally supportive of the Obama administration, published articles excoriating Obama's policies in Syria. Ross and Sanger both wrote that Obama was critically mistaken when he said that Russia's deployment to Syria would not have any significant impact on the region, and that Russia would rue the day it decided to get directly involved.Sanger noted that the administration's constant refrain that "there is no military solution" to the war in Syria was wrong.There is a military solution, it's "just not our military solution," a senior US security official admitted to Sanger. It's Russian President Vladimir Putin's solution. Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Ross explained that in deploying his forces to Syria, "Putin aims to demonstrate that Russia, and not America, is the main power broker in the region and increasingly elsewhere." In other words, Putin's involvement in Syria is simply a means to achieve his larger goal of replacing the US as the leading superpower. This turn of events is dangerous for Israel, not least because the first parties Russia turned to in its anti-American gambit are Israel's worst enemies - Iran and Hezbollah, along with the Assad regime. By acting in concert, and limiting their operations - as the Iranians have done as well in Iraq - to attacking forces backed by the US, while leaving Islamic State unharmed, the Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah and Bashar Assad make clear that their alliance is first and foremost geared toward reducing US power in the region.Rather than act on this direct challenge to the US, Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry continue to talk emptily about peace conferences and cease-fires. In so doing their further destroy US credibility as an ally. As America's primary ally and client in the region, Israel is imperiled by this behavior because it serves to hollow out its capacity to deter its enemies from attacking.

This then brings us to the F-35s and to the IAF's procurement policies more generally. Over the past year, the IAF began preparing to take delivery of its first squadron of F-35s. In 2010, Israel placed its first order of 19 planes.The first two are scheduled to arrive by the end of 2016. The rest are supposed to arrive within two years. Last year Israel ordered an additional 14 F-35s, and the IAF reportedly wishes to expand that order with an additional 17 aircraft. By all accounts, the F-35 is an impressive next generation fighter.

But at the same time, as Aaron Lerner from IMRA news aggregation service noted this week, the F-35 suffers from one major weakness that arguably cancels out all of its advantages. That weakness is the F-35's operational dependence on software laboratories and logistics support computers located in the US.

In a manner that recalls Apple's ability to exert perpetual control over all iPhones by making it impossible for them to long function without periodically updating their operating systems, the US has made it impossible for foreign governments to simply purchase F-35s and use them as they see fit. As Defense-Aerospace.com reported last November, "All F-35 aircraft operating across the world will have to update their mission data files and their Autonomic Logistic Information System (ALIS) profiles before and after every sortie, to ensure that on-board systems are programmed with the latest available operational data and that ALIS is kept permanently informed of each aircraft's technical status and maintenance requirements." ALIS can, and has, prevented aircraft taking off because of an incomplete data file," the report revealed. This technical limitation on the F-35s constitutes a critical weakness from Israel's perspective for two reasons. First, as the Defense-Aerospace article points out, the need to constantly update the ALIS in the US means that the F-35 must be connected to the Internet in order to work. All Internet connections are maintained via fiber optic underwater cables. Defense-Aerospace cited an article published last October in Wired.com reporting that those cables are "surprisingly vulnerable" to attack. According to Nicole Starosielski, a media expert from New York University, all Internet communications go through a mere 200 underwater cables that are "concentrated in very few areas. The cables end up getting funneled through these narrow pressure points all around the globe," she said.The Russians are probing this vulnerability. In October the New York Times reported that "Russian submarines and spy ships are aggressively operating near the vital undersea cables that carry almost all global Internet communications, raising concerns among some American military and intelligence officials that the Russians might be planning to attack those lines in times of tension or conflict." According to the report, the fear is that an "ultimate Russian hack on the United States could involve severing the fiber-optic cables at some of their hardest-to-access locations to halt the instant communications on which the West's governments, economies and citizens have grown dependent." Given the F-35's dependence on the Internet, such an attack, while directed at the US itself, would also ground the IAF's main combat fighter.

The second reason the F-35's continuous dependence on a US-based logistics system is a critical weakness is that it would be irresponsible of Israel to trust that the US will not abuse its power to undermine and block IAF operations.

This brings us back to the Pentagon's insistence that Israel purchase only F-35s and missile defense systems. By giving Israel no option other than purchasing more F-35s, which the Americans control - to the point of being able to ground - even after they are deployed by the IAF, and defensive systems jointly developed with the US and built in the US, the Americans are hollowing out Israel's ability to operate independently.

Clearly by waiting for the next president to conclude Israel's military assistance package, Netanyahu is hoping that Obama's successor will give us a better deal. But the fact is that even if a pro-Israel president is elected, Israel cannot assume that American efforts to erode Israel's strategic independence will end once Obama leaves office. George W. Bush, who was more supportive of Israel than Obama, also undermined Israel's ability to attack Iran's nuclear installations. Moreover, given the continuing diminishment of US military power, and America's expanding strategic vulnerabilities, the possibility that the US will be unwilling or unable to stand by Israel in the future cannot be ruled out. This week India and Israel were poised to finalize a series of arms deals totaling $3 billion. The final package is set to be signed during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Israel later this year. The deal includes various missile and electronic warfare systems. In light of the F-35s massive vulnerabilities and the diminishment of US power in the Middle East and beyond, Netanyahu should view India's enthusiasm for Israeli systems as an opportunity to end the IAF's utter dependence on increasingly undependable US systems. Instead of going through with the procurement of the 14 additional F-35s, Netanyahu should offer Modi to jointly develop a next generation fighter based on the Lavi. Israel's strategic environment is rapidly changing. Technological, military and political developments in the region and worldwide must wake our leaders - including IAF commanders - to the fact that Israel cannot afford to maintain, let alone expand, its strategic dependence on the US.

Originally published in The Jerusalem Post in 2016


Updated 29/03/22

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