"Pay attention!" [says Yeshua,] "I am coming soon, and my rewards are with me to give to each person according to what he has done." Revelation 22:12

Islam F.A.Q.

The constant stream of Islam / Muslim related stories in the world news should provoke questions about Islam and what it means to each of us.

Wildolive has sought to assemble answers in various of its pages.


Islam; a religion of Peace ?

Islamic Terrorism - Is terrorism and Jihad "real Islam" or a corruption of Islam?

Muslim on Muslim violence - How does it make sense ?

Islam's tiny minority of violent extremists - a myth?

Islam on Women

Islam; its denominations

Islamic State / ISIL / ISIS

Islam; can it reform and are Moderate Muslims the answer to Radical Islam?

Islamophobia; is it a real problem or just a weapon against criticism?

Jihad; What is this Holy War and what are its objectives?

Mohammed Cartoons; why the resulting violence around the world?

Muslims and Jesus; what do they believe and what is Jesus doing?

A Mosque in our town?; the implications

Muslim Fanatics

Challenging Islam's License to Kill

United Nations; why so influenced by Islam?

Ancient Hatred; roots of Muslim hatred of Israel

Anti-Semitism; strong within Islam and among Muslims

Islamic State attacks France - November 2015

Immigration or Invasion - Hiraj

On the Islam page

Dear Muslim - message from wildolive

So what is the reality of Islam, and militant Islam?

"The name "Islam" means "Peace"

"The "Five Pillars of Islam".

Shahada - the Muslim statement of faith

Hudna - false truce

Jihad - Holy War - a warped version of Islam?

"Islam is a faith of culture and beauty"

Deception (The Arabic word is Taqiya - "Guarding oneself")

"Islam, Christianity and Judaism are the three great monotheistic religions, and all worship the same god"

'Islam respects Jews and Christians as "The People of the Book"'

"Islam is a tolerant faith, which respects other faiths."

Dhimmi status



Halal Food Law in non-Muslim nations

"Sharia can be incorporated in our Nation's Laws"

"Muslims living in the West are not militants like those in Muslim lands."

The Ummah - worldwide family of Muslims

"Muslims respect the religious freedom of the West."

Muslim Education

Muslim Emigration / Imigration - Hijrah

The position of Women in Islam

Islam and non-Muslim girls

Female Genital Mutilation

Understanding Female Suicide Bombers

Polygamy in Islam

The Veil

Muslims and Pornography

African (black) people and Islam

Muslim victimhood

Islam and Charity

"Jerusalem is the third most holy place to Islam"

Islam and Piracy?

Islamic end of days.  The Mahdi with Jesus following behind among Islam's prophets.Islamic Eschatology (end times prophecy)

The Challenge of Islam to Christians

Islam in the U.K.

Is all this alarmist propaganda?

How should Christians relate to Muslims?

Another Perspective on Islam

We all worship the same God - Don't we?

Updated 05/12/15

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