"You will seek them but not find them, those who contended with you; yes, those who made war with you will be brought to nothing, nothing at all." Isaiah 41:12

Israel's battles

a tank at Har Adar, near Jerusalem

a tank at Har Adar, near Jerusalem

1896 Hertzl wrote "The Jewish State"
1917 UK Government made Balfour Declaration.  League of Nations agreed
1920 San Remo conference agreed state for the Jews
1929 Hebron Massacre of Jewish residents
1939-45 World War II  -  Holocaust
1947 UN voted to establish state of Israel - partitioned into Jewish and Arab states
1948 May 14th   Independence Day - Israel
1948 May 15 - Invaded by Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt & Iraq.   Israel numbered 650,000 - Arabs up to 150,000000   -  territory 200 times larger.  Arabs defeated.
1950  Sinai conflict
1967 Six Day War
1973 Yom Kippur War
1970  PLO attempted to topple King of Jordan.   Driven out  -- fled to Lebanon
1975  PLO cause civil war in Lebanon - massacre 100,000 Christian Lebanese  -  Syria move in as "peacekeepers" and attack Israel
1982  Israel move into Southern Lebanon  -  capture huge amount of Russian armament.
1987-91 first Intifada
1999 Israel pulls out of Lebanon
2000 second intifada - suicide bombings
2002 West Bank Operation Defensive Shield
2006 Lebanon - war with Hizbollah
2008-9 Gaza - operation "Cast Lead" against Hamas
2014 Gaza - operation "Protective Edge" against Hamas
2014 Intifada - cars, knives, rocks
2016 Arson Intifada

Updated 28/11/16

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