"In the beginning God . . . . . ." Genesis 1 v1

In the Beginning - finding your way around

The beginning and centre of wildolive is GOD

The name of God - in Hebrew

The initial leading to start wildolive was a commission to go and tell people the truth about Israel - from God's perspective.

God is the beginning and centre of everything. The issues between Israel and the world stem from this and can only be understood in relation to God.

Thus the new navigation scheme starts from God.

Who (or what) is God

"God" is the English language word for the supreme being and creator of the universe.

Name of God

In order to understand the God of the Christians and the Jews, it is helpful to know his name - especially since, in Biblical thinking, his name encapsulates his nature.

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Do we all worship the Same God?

The Hebrew equivalent of "God" is "Elohim" and the Arabic equivalent is "Allah." and the other faiths have their own God(s). This leads to the question of "Are they all the same God?" and "Do we all worship the same God?"

This first layer of navigation focuses on the following connections to God

God's Plan

God created everything in order to have relationship. This he enjoyed for a while in Eden, until Mankind rebelled and sin came between God and Man, necessitating a remedy.

Sin brought Judgment

God's plan provided a way for men and women to be reconciled with God, to live in a relationship with him and ultimately stand for Judgment in clad the Righteousness of God's Messiah.

God's People and God's place

God's plan started with the calling of a man who was faithful, forming a people from his descendents to bring the knowledge of God and his redemption plan to the world, and to bring forth God's anointed one to make atonement for the sin of everybody.


Religion is understood as Man's relationship with his God. But there are many religions!

The God who created the universe wants relationship with men and women; not religion.


History charts the events in the world since creation and reveals all the twists and turns in mankind's attempts to follow God or to ignore and fight against God. History also documents the world's treatment of God's people and his purposes.

The World and God and Israel

The World, in the sense of being the people groups living on Earth, has been in conflict with God and his purposes - resulting in many dark chapters of evil.

The Nations against God

God has a lot to say about the nations, and the Nations are obsessed with God's possession ; Israel

One New Man - wildolive

God's plan involved, firstly, the Jews and then reached out to the non-Jews (the Gentiles)

God accomplished this through the sacrifice of his anointed one.

The process by which Gentiles could come in trust in that sacrifice and be joined into God's people of trust was likened by one of God's preachers as being like a wild olive shoot being grafted into God's cultivated olive tree.

This is the topic that kicked off this web site.

Posted 02/01/16

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