" . . . . for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace; " Ephesians 2:15 KJV

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God's plan involved, first the Jews and then reached out to the non-Jews (the Gentiles) He accomplished this through the sacrifice of his anointed one.

The process by which Gentiles could come in trust in that sacrifice and be joined into God's people of trust was likened by one of God's preachers as being like a wild olive shoot being grafted into God's cultivated olive tree.

Olive trees by one of Jerusalem's busiest junctions

Olive trees by one of Jerusalem's busiest junctions

God's olive tree

In the Letter to the Romans, Paul explains how God's salvation was spread outwards from its origin with the Jews, to reach the Gentile world; through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Paul used the picture of Gentile believers being joined into God's people of trust, like wild olive shoots being grafted into a cultivated olive tree.

Grafted in to God's Olive tree

Having established that Gentiles have been grafted in to the Olive tree, who or what is the olive tree?

The "one new man" is ransomed Jews and Gentiles together as God's people; still having our identity, but united in God's Kingdom.

This is the topic that kicked off this web site.

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Wildolive aims to provide pointers to explanations of everything you might want to know about Israel and Christians. Wildolive is not the source, so much as a library of summaries to help you find full depth teaching.

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