"and God chose what the world looks down on as common or regards as nothing in order to bring to nothing what the world considers important;" 1 Corinthians 1:28

The World and God and Israel

The world, as seen by a thirteenth century map maker, shows the history, geography and destiny of humanity as it was understood in Christian Europe in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Jerusalem is at the centre.

The map, that belongs to Hereford Cathedral, measures 1.59 x 1.34 metres, and is constructed on a single sheet of vellum (calf skin).

See more here Hereford Mappa Mundi Trust.

The inhabited part of the world as it was known then, roughly equivalent to Europe, Asia and North Africa, is mapped within a Christian framework. Jerusalem is in the centre, and East is at the top. East, where the sun rises, was where medieval Christians looked for the second coming of Christ. The British Isles is at the bottom on the left.

The world, for our purposes, is the combined workings of mankind outside of God's purposes. The phrase, "The World, the Flesh and the Devil" comes from a church liturgy and sums up the forces working against God's Kingdom.

The World viewed as Babylon in the Bible

In spite of Babylon having such a bad press in scripture, many nations and groups of nations appear to have a fascination for and affinity with Babylon. It is particularly obvious in Europe.


The World imposing its viewpoint on God's people

"I believe that one reason why the church of God at this present moment has so little influence over the world is because the world has so much influence over the church." - Charles H. Spurgeon

The world is against God's church, so we will consider ways in which the world is subtly affecting the Kingdom of God in the Church and in our lives.

The world will obviously state its position forcibly, but to what extent are Christians accepting the world's point of view?

The world and the Christian


Marketing Evil - explaining the pervasiveness of evil in our world

The World Upside Down

Whither the church ? - looking at worrying trends.



Be not conformed

Persecution and the believer


Philosophy and Christian belief

Post Modernism - Living in the Post Christian era

Science - does real science really disagree with the Bible?

Halloween - harmless fun or evil?

Mandela Phenomenon - Saint or sinner or media phenomenon?

Poverty biblical or socialist perspective

Wealth and the Bible

Social Gospel - is it compatible with the Gospel of Jesus?

Violence and the Bible

The World against Israel

This is one important objective of wildolive - the commission to go home and tell people the truth about Israel.
Sadly, the world's war on Israel is conducted through the church as well as outside it. This is because many in the church have allowed their understanding of events in and around Israel to be formed by the secular media rather than study of God's word.


Too much said about Anti-Semitism ?

Who hates Israel ?

Genocide - how the Holocaust was made to happen


The Holocaust and the Palestinians

Holocaust denial

Yad Vashem - Israel's Holocaust Memorial museum

International Law concerning Israel - Lawfare - Israel reborn (Balfour etc)

Stolen land ? - Really ?

Protagonists in Middle East conflict

Public opinion as it affects Israel - the arena in which we all have a part.

Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions



BBC and Balen - refusing to publish the findings of its own enquiry

Blood libel - since medieval times

Blood libel 2014

Campus against Israel

Double standards when judging Israel

Durban Conference a weapon against Israel

Modern states of the Middle East - not just Israel

Neighbourhood - Israel in a tough neighbourhood

NGOs - Non Government Organisations - against Israel

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Paradigm shift - a complete lack of understanding between the friends and the opponents of Israel.

Weapons against Israel - not just military

Multiple fronts on which Israel must fight

Olympics - London 2012 - anti-Israel?

Understanding the Times

World Media Bias

Media bias against Israel

Gaza - conflicts unfairly reported

Munich movie - a fair representation of Israel?

Promise - TV drama - anti-Israel ideas through drama

BBC - Balen Report

Stolen land ? - Really ?

Land - Who's Land is it Anyway?

Settlers and Settlements - facts and fiction - heroes or villains ?

PALLYWOOD - the Palestinian anti-Israel fantasy movie industry

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Apartheid - the accusation against Israel compared with the real thing

The Palestinians

The Palestinians are not merely the evil persecutors of Israel or the oppressed victims of Israel; depending upon your point of view. Although there is much deception in their marketing as the reason (Cause celebre) for world hatred of Israel, the people carrying this label are men and women for whom Jesus the Messiah died and for whom we must care, even while resisting the false claims of their leaders and advocates. The Palestinians are Arabs who are predominantly Muslims and mostly Jordanians, although the status of Christian Arabs living under Palestinian Authority control is difficult for them and hard to understand for the outsider. Arabs living in Israeli controlled Israel can not reasonably be called Palestinians, although the sympathies of Israeli Arabs vary widely.

Who are the Palestinians ? - Really ?

Nom de guerre - as used by Palestinians

Palestinian Charters - see what they still say (partners for peace?)

Palestinian incitement to commit terrorist acts

Palestinian lexicon - the careful use of words

Palestinian life - understanding the Palestinians, their culture, their leaders and their lives.

Palestinian Refugees - the truth behind a weird construct

PALLYWOOD - the Palestinian anti-Israel fantasy movie industry

Propaganda - in Palestinian Authority

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Replacement Theology - What many Palestinian Christians believe

Rockets - How serious are the rockets hitting Israel ?

Sderot - the front line of Gaza terror

Weapons against Israel - not just military

World at war with Israel

Israel's battles

Multiple Threats - multiple fronts

Gaza history and overview

Gaza (Hamas) 2008 - 2012 - 2014

Sderot - under siege from Gaza

Lebanon - (Hizballah) - Lies exposed by bloggers

The next Lebanon War ?

Intifada 2014 - Islamic Terrorism

Iran ?

Islamic State ?

The Gog Magog War of the end times

Weapons against Israel - Who hates Israel?

Palestinian Charters - still call for destruction of Israel - Indoctrination of future generations

Israel's Military Ethics - with which it has to fight these battles

Syria - the situation next to Israel

W.C.C. - World Council of Churches - hates Israel.

Christian Opposition to Israel

And Britain ? - - And Britain ? Duplicity - - And Britain ? Prophecy

World Anti-Semitism

This is apparent in the world's concerted efforts to blacken Israel's name and reputation, and to oppose Israel politically, militarily, commercially and in any other way that can be devised. Anti-Semitism has been re-branded as Anti-Israelism; not hatred of the Jew, but hatred of his state.


Ancient Hatred

Baalam's Error

Church History

Holocaust - - Holocaust Denial


Blood Libels

Posted 03/01/16

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