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Book Review - For British audience - If you live in America you may well have read this book already - if not, you should.

If you have been around as long as me (I left school in 1963) you will have seen the world change almost out of recognition. I am not talking about technology and computers but about things that are accepted today that used to be alien, abhorrent and evil.

Sex outside of marriage and homosexuality existed but were not accepted as normal, and certainly not taught in schools and protected from criticism by legislation. Divorce was not easy and abortion was still a crime. We were proud to be British without feeling obliged to apologise and adopt customs demanded by alien faiths for fear of falling foul of hate legislation. Youth culture may have been mildly rebellious but where have the present day bizarre and self- destructive fashions in behaviour and entertainment come from?

David Kupelian, editor of Christian network World Net Daily, wrote “THE MARKETING OF EVIL” to explain how this happened. In his book, subtitled, “How Radicals, Elitists and Pseudo-Experts sell us Corruption Disguised as Freedom” the alarming answer is that these things didn’t just happen; they were purposely driven by advertising experts, psychologists and other professional activists who applied their expertise to altering our perceptions and feelings about the things we knew and believed in order to change our worldview.

Kupelian tackles the movement one topic at a time and concludes each with a Gospel perspective. The order of the topics allows the reader to see how the campaigns have cross-fertilised.

This book is challenging in several ways. Firstly it is written about America, and whereas campaigns like the Sexual Revolution can be seen to have travelled across the Atlantic relatively unchanged, other topics like reinterpreting what it is claimed that the United States Constitution says about the separation of Church and State are not directly understandable over here. (Although the same slogan is heard here) The challenge to the reader is to work out the parallels for Britain, but the effort is worthwhile. While the details may differ, the techniques are basically the same; bad science; bad statistics, desensitising us, smearing those who uphold our Judeo-Christian values and changing the question. (Like changing the Abortion debate from being about the morality of killing unborn babies to being about the right of a woman to choose) The role of Entertainment corporations in repackaging youth culture with ever more decadent trends and selling it back to the young through Television, Music and Internet is probably directly applicable in the UK, but the specific story of how radicals have taken over public education in the USA calls for research into what has happened to education here in the UK.

The book is easy to read but does not pull its punches while describing these evils; especially the truth about abortion.

The final chapter is about the Church, and covers how some of these evil, worldly manipulations have penetrated the Church. The chapter is entitled, “LAST, BEST HOPE” and poses a double challenge to the Christian; how many of my views have been formed by these manipulators and what are we going to do about it?

In the chapter THE MEDIA MATRIX, subtitled “How the press creates a world of illusion we think is real” Kupelian uses THE MATRIX as a parable and quotes the conversation in which Morpheus offers Neo the choice of knowing the truth about the world he is living in or turning back.

“You take the blue pill and the story ends. You awake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

Neo takes the red pill.


THE MARKETING OF EVIL - David Kupelian – WND Books –ISBN 1-58182-459-9

Highly recommended


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Posted 23/11/10

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