"Those who know your name put their trust in you, for you have not abandoned those who seek you, YHVH." - Psalm 9:10


"We all worship the same God - Don't we?"

One of the expressions of unbelief, caused by ISIS terror attacks against civilians in Europe is...

"Why? We all worship the same God, don't we?"

The quick answer is "NO."

Mural errected in Tehran, Iraq showing the coming Mahdi with Jesus following behind.

Wall painting in Tehran, showing the coming of the Mahdi (face hidden) with Jesus following behind - in a supporting role.

We all worship our concept of the supreme being / creator of the universe - unless we worship human achievement and ability as being the highest intelligence. All religions lead to their God - by definition.

There are many different gods but only one God who created the universe and then chose the Jewish people, descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) to bring salvation to a fallen world. Note, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; not just Abraham.

The confusion or controversy usually arises about the God of the Jews and the Christians, and the God of the Muslims. So, excluding the polytheists and animists how can we understand their Gods?

Who is God?

"God" is not a name but a description for the supreme being, the creator. The word for the Supreme being/creator is - God in English - Allah in Arabic - Elohim in Hebrew.

The God of Islam (Allah) has no name

The God of the Jews and Christian Has a name. He gave his name to Moses as Yud Heh vav heh - - YHVH - Yehovah.

Sadly, Jews and Christians (generally) do not know or pronounce this name. Allowing much confusion.

The God of Islam (referred to henceforth as Allah) is said to be Merciful and Just, but the conflict between mercy and justice is never resolved.

YHVH resolved the conflicting requirements of Mercy and Justice by means of blood sacrifice. Sin is not overlooked but just punishment is provided, allowing Mercy for the sinner. The ultimate blood sacrifice was Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah.

Allah made No covenants - just threats

YHVH made a series of Covenants progressively building to the New Covenant

Allah does not intervene for his people - his prophet's book tells them what to do.

YHVH Intervenes for his people

Allah Does not speak to his people - Words only through scripture

YHVH Speaks to his people - Face to face with Moses and through the Prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit

Allah's communication is only through written word (Koran, Hadith, sunna - traditions)

YHVH communicates by the written word of scripture and, in various ways by the Holy Spirit.

Allah Does not heal

YHVH Heals

Allah did No miracles and Mohammed did no miracles (although Jesus, who is claimed as a Muslim prophet and the Messiah, is credited with miracles)

YHVH performed Miracles in OT and NT (Jesus and his followers)

Insh Allah (if Allah wills) - Muslims are not to expect Allah to intervene

YHVH Expects us to pray that he will intervene in our circumstances and in the world

Allah does not have a two way Relationship. The Muslim must do as he is told - as a slave of Allah.

YHVH desires Relationship (two way) with his people. See the trinity (Christian understanding)

Allah has no son and no Holy Spirit - Love can not be an essential part of his being.

YHVH (Father) has Jesus and Holy Spirit, therefore Yehovah has always been love by nature since before creation. (The majority of the Jews have not yet recognised Jesus/Yeshua as their Messiah)

Allah (the Koran) has No Atonement for sins - Judgement day's outcome is unknown - will the Muslim's good deeds outweigh his bad? - 50% pass mark

YHVH provided Atonement for sin/sins - at Judgment Day, his judgment will be righteous. He has a 100% pass mark, so our only hope is that our bad deeds (and our own righteousness) have been atoned for by Jesus.

Allah's followers might get into Paradise - there is no certainty (except for Shahada - Martyrdom in holy war; the only sure way) (eg suicide bombers)

YHVH offers Assurance of Paradise for the trusting - No short cuts

Allah Never manifested himself to his people (Mohammed's revelation came from an angel)

YHVH Manifested himself at Sinai and in many ways since.

Allah's will is done only by man at his command

YHVH Accomplishes by his hand (or expressed as by his word)

Allah Urges conquest of nations - to bring them under Islam's House of Peace - under Sharia

YHVH sends disciples to Make disciples from out of every nation

Allah wants Conquest by the sword

YHVH's son Jesus said, " He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword"

The Muslim gains Righteousness by working hard, giving and performing religious acts like Haaj

Followers of YHVH's son Jesus have his righteousness imputed and imparted through the Holy Spirit

Allah's prophet treated Women as possessions, and this is perpetuated in Islam.

YHVH wants Women to be respected - monogamy and fidelity are required

Allah speaks violently in the scriptures (the tone of the writings)

YHVH speaks tenderly to his people - like a husband or lover (less so when rebuking them)

The Koran/Qur'an speaks of Defeating / destroying Nations / Unbelievers

What about the Bible and violence?
People point to the nation of Israel created in the Exodus taking over the land of Canaan and destroying the people - as a parallel for Islam's exhortation to convert or destroy unbelieving nations.

Yehovah had waited until the wickedness of these nations was ripe for punishment - it was not just annihilation and moving in. This was a one-off move of God, who at other times gets blamed for not punishing the wicked. The wicked nations were to be replaced by a righteous nation. (OK, we know Israel fell short, but it was all in God's plan) Through history, YHVH has used unrighteous nations to carry out his discipline - not called his followers to conquer the world and slaughter unbelievers.

The Koran/Qu'an says some friendly things about Jews and Christians, but these verses were abrogated by later verses defining them as enemies that the Muslim should have no dealings with. Jews are referred to as "apes and pigs"

Jesus sent out his disciples to reach people from every nation with the Gospel of salvation.

Islam defines itself in the Koran in opposition to and criticism of the faith of Jews and Christians that came before it; saying they distorted the truth that was given to Mohammed.

The Bible has nothing to say about Islam, since Islam did not come into existence until long after the Bible was completed. However the Bible warns about prophets who would came with a different message ("another Gospel" said Paul) and Jesus, the Messiah, says he is "the A and the Z" so there is no room for a later revelation.

Followers of Islam's more radical factions say "We love death but the you (Jews and Christians) love life."

Facts on the ground in Israel bear this out, as the Jewish Magen David Adom and the hospitals go to great lengths to save life (Jewish, Muslim; any life) while Arabs jeer and harass them. One Muslim woman whose life had been saved in an Israeli hospital, later turned up at the same hospital with a suicide vest underneath her burka!

Islamic Eschatology - end times expectation

Muhammad said that one of his descendants, Al Mahdi, will appear before the Day of Judgment.   People will pledge allegiance to him and he will fight in battles. He will rule over the Arabs for seven years and spread justice and equity on earth and eradicate tyranny and oppression. He will lead a prayer in Mekkah in which Jesus play a supporting role.

Mural errected in Tehran, Iraq showing the coming Mahdi with Jesus following behind.

Wall painting in Tehran, showing the coming of the Mahdi (face hidden) with Jesus following behind (blue robe) - in a supporting role.

Christianity will be abolished. Jesus will defeat Gog and Magog.   Everyone will be well off and hatred, jealousy, and grudges will disappear. Messiah will perform Hajj, get married, have children, and die after living on earth for 40 years and be buried in a grave next to Mohammed.   Afterwards, all believers will die before the advent of the Day of Judgment.

Christian Eschatology

Jesus will return to the Mount of Olives (with his holy ones), rescue Israel and set up his Messianic Kingdom on earth for a thousand years. Then there will be a last, futile, revolt by Satan before he is cast into the lake of fire. After Judgment Day, the New Heaven and New Earth will appear and YHVH will come down to live with His people. See the book of Revelation and the other prophecies to which it alludes.


Might one say that Islam is comparable to Christian Replacement Theology?

Rather than accept Jesus' word that "Salvation is of the Jews." Both Islam and Christian Replacement Theology seek to develop a religion that writes out the Jews and claims to be the new vehicles* of God's salvation plan for the world. (*the new Israel)


Why do people, especially Christians rush to excuse Islam and the Koran by finding supposed equivalence to the Bible of Jews and Christians; especially the Old Testament?

Are they afraid of being labelled Islamophobic?

Or are they in denial about the process of Islamisation in the west?

Why do Christians rush to compare the present Muslim violence (stuck in its seventh century origins) with the Crusades and Middle Ages religious bloodbaths that were not Bible sanctioned and that the (Christian?) west left behind hundreds of years ago?

People who believed they solved the Northern Ireland's, supposedly religious, war are eager to apply their expertise to the Middle East. But Northern Ireland was a feud between Irish nationals (who happened to be mainly Catholic,) and colonialists from England and Scotland (who happened to be mainly Protestant) over perceived injustice and inequality.

Comparisons tend to be made between Islamic violence and the worst events in the Bible; neglecting the fact that the Bible's "warts and all" accounts of events includes bad deeds for us to learn from. Also, God led his people towards righteousness and away from a tribal culture in which, "every man did what was right in his own eyes" , to a righteousness driven people. Tribal culture is not built in to the Bible, but outgrown; whereas Koranic society perpetuates seventh century tribalism (some find this a romantic attraction of Islam, but it is tough on the women)

Are people trying to deny the avowed intention of Islam to destroy western civilisation and impose Islamic rule and law? Are they ducking the challenge to confront it?

Are Christians willing to accept a prophet who came after YHVH's final prophet - Jesus the Messiah?


"But, Jews and Arabs are all descendants of Abraham?"

This proves nothing. Having a common ancestry does not guarantee a common faith in a common god. My ancestors were Pagans but, praise be to God, I have been delivered from paganism through the sacrifice of Yeshua, and I am grafted into God's Israel (the olive tree of Romans 11) I have come to share in YHVH's plan of salvation for the world.

See Ancient Hatred

"Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three Abrahamic, monotheistic religions!"

People say this; but why?

Is it meaningful?

Does it prove the religions are the same?

Does it prove that the one god that each worships is the same God?

One can only identify the nature of a faith and its God by studying its character as revealed in its words and deeds. This I have sought to do above.

Although Islam has only one God, the origin of that god should be remembered. The Ka'aba in Mecca, originally held the 360 tribal gods of Arabia. Mohammed and his followers smashed all but Allah,  (originally al-Ilahi, the Moon God - the reason for the crescent on the top of mosques)

See also Islam FAQ and www.islam-watch.org and www.faithfreedom.org


Posted 15/01/16

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