"The crooked-hearted are an abomination to Adonai, but those sincere in their ways are his delight." Proverbs 11:20

U.N. Speeches 23rd September 2011

Videos - so that you can make up your own mind who is sincere.

Palestinians submit their application to be recognized as a state and as a member of the United nations.

Mahmoud Abbas - for Palestine

Binyamin Netanyahu - for Israel and Peace


It appears that the Palestinians won in terms of the applause!

The previous day Ahmadinijad of Iran ranted against Israel and the west, (video no longer available) and UK Prime Minister David Cameron, visibly shaken, departed from his prepared speech to comment. "He didn't remind us that he runs a country where they may have elections, of a sort, but they also repress freedom of speech," Cameron said, accusing Iran of violently suppressing protests and "torturing those who argue for a better future."

Unfortunately, Mr Cameron showed his lack of understanding of the realities of Israel/Palestine but one must hope he found time to listen to Binyamin Netanyahu.

Provided 24/09/11

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