"There he broke the flashing arrows, the shields and the swords, the weapons of war. Selah" Psalm 73 v6


Weapons against Israel


War is being waged against Israel, sometimes openly through terror attacks, but continuously with preparations being made for all out war by stockpiling all kinds of physical weapons.


Weapons found in a Palestinian home by the IDF


Weapons found in a Palestinian home by the IDF


But an ultimately more deadly war is being waged using any weapon that can advance the Public Opinion battle. The goal of this battle is the situation where, in every nation, public opinion so loathes and despises Israel that everyone will acquiesce to the state being snuffed out by its enemies. See Who Hates Israel


Let's start with a ridiculous example

Advertising Standards Authority

Britain's ASA has been hijacked to delegitimise Israel. One, un-named, person complained about an advertisement for travel to Israel, alleging that the Western Wall in Jerusalem is not in Israel. From his highly political viewpoint, presumably, Jerusalem is in Palestine and Israel only exists an occupying presence. Whereas the ASA normally acts only on multiple complaints, it upheld this one complaint without checking its validity, and banned advertisers from using a picture of the Western Wall in advertisements for holidays in Israel.


Terrorists attempted to attack soldiers using a donkey laden with explosives They saw a lone donkey slowly approaching their position strapped with suspicious packages. Soldier were forced to open fire, causing the explosives to detonate; killing the donkey.

Anti Semitism

Anti-Semitism has become unacceptable to most people but its variant of anti-Israelism gives an acceptable outlet for ancient hatred of Jews in their Jewish state.

Apartheid libel

The enemies of Israel have sought to portray Israel as racist and comparable to Apartheid era South Africa. Achieving this would bring down the same sanctions that were applied to South Africa.


Many politicians, both Israeli and well meaning western friends, continually offer appeasements to Terrorist supporting bodies in the hope that they will persuade the terrorists to stop. The appeasers are in denial about the results; each appeasement hardens the terrorists conviction that they are winning and breaking down the enemy's resolve. Concessions are followed by new waves of terror. (Check it out for yourself.)


Studies have shown that many of the forest fires set in Israel are part of the "arson intifada" of Arabs against the state of Israel. In June 2015, nine Arabs were arrested on suspicion of setting fire to brushes close to Jerusalem and Gush Etzion. In 2016, a much more obvious campaign of arson caused immense damage.


Many questions fired at anyone standing with Israel come loaded with unjustified assumptions. The question can not be answered without first identifying and challenging the assumption. Do you Remember the question, "Do you still beat your wife?"? Answering "no" means you used to but have now stopped and "yes" means you do still beat her. If you have never beaten her you can not simply answer the question.

Avatar - false identity on the Internet - to propagate anti-Israel views

It came to light in 2011 that Amina Arraf, the blogger of the web site "Gay girl in Damascus" was not real but was the creation of 40 year old Tom MacMaster, a straight, married man in Scotland. Her face was stolen from the Facebook account of a Croatian woman living in London.

MacMaster, the former co-chair of Atlanta Palestine Solidarity, explained his actions thus, "When I, a person with a distinctly Anglo name, made comments on the Middle East, the facts I might present were ignored and I found myself accused of hating America, Jews, etc. I wondered idly whether the same ideas presented by someone with a distinctly Arab and female identity would have the same reaction. So, I invented her." Jerusalem Post article

Blogs and talkbacks

Blogs such as the Guardian newspaper's "Comment is Free" should, in theory, allow anti-Semitic and bigoted articles to be challenged. But in practice they provide a platform for even worse hatred, delegitimisation of Israel and anti-Semitic lies. See http://cifwatch.com/

Blood libel

Variants on the Medieval Blood Libel are produced regularly by the Palestinian government and its supporters and by Arab/Islamic TV stations and newspapers.


Academics and activists are seeking to cripple Israel by persuading people to not buy Israeli goods. Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions is the campaign linked to the Apartheid libel.


Charities like Christian Aid have a strong political agenda and campaign against Israel in churches, trading on their name to publicise their anti-Israel message in churches.

Charity Fundraisers

British charity Comic Relief's annual high-profile fundraising telethon, Red Nose Day has raised eight hundred million pounds from mass public donations and corporate sponsors. In 2013, Red Nose Day raised £75,107851.

War on Want, has received 1.5 million pounds from Comic Relief. (plus just under half a million pounds from the European Commission and about 160,000 pounds from the British Government.)

The stated aims of War on Want include the promise "to relieve global poverty however caused through working in partnership with people throughout the world." - However, War on Want has been widely criticized, and the watchdog group NGO Monitor, issued a report that concluded:

"War on Want is an extremely politicised NGO which actively promotes the Durban Strategy and uses anti-Semitic themes to attack Israel. Given WoW's extensive political campaigning and lobbying efforts, its one-sided approach to the conflict that ignores Palestinian terrorism, and the recurring investigations by the Charity Commission, funding from the EU and UK to this NGO is highly problematic."


See also Human Shields. Also Education - Children are still being educated to hate Jews and that Israel has no right to exist and will be destroyed. Children are being raised as the next generation of terrorists. See also Demographics. When it comes to media condemnation for deaths of "children" the definition is wide enough to include youths/young men who were actively involved in violence.

Christians - sadly

A large part of the church holds to a belief set called Replacement Theology that holds that God rejected the Jews when they rejected Jesus, that all the blessings in the Old Testament come to the Church and all the curses to the Jews. If the church is the “New Israel” then it follows that the state of Israel, reborn in 1948, is a political anomaly that has no part in God's purposes. Many such “Christians” campaign tirelessly against Israel.


The World Council of Churches leads churches worldwide that subscribe to Replacement Theology, spread the Palestinian narrative of “occupation” and promote activism against Israel.


Movies allow anti-Israel messages, with or without ill will, to influence public feelings against Israel and in favour of the Palestinian narrative. Even Spielberg's “Munich” preached a kind of moral equivalence between terrorists and Israeli agents because it fitted Spielberg's naïve views that he could bring peace by overlooking the truth about Palestinian objectives.


Artists such as Elvis Costello have pulled out of gigs in Israel, citing conscientious objections to conditions, as they see them, for the Palestinians. Intense pressure is applied to performers who plan trips to Israel but some performers are more resolute.

Cultural Vandalism/fascism/racism

Palestine Solidarity Campaign planned a rally outside London's Royal Albert Hall, where the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zubin Mehta,were to be performing at the BBC Proms. But a well organised group was already in place inside to shout down the music with their Big Lie once it started.

Cyber warfare

Iran is directing cyber attacks against Israel and the west from their secret cyber-war room, located at Hezbollah's internal security apparatus headquarters in the Shiite Dahya district of south Beirut. From there the hackers and cyber experts recently attacked American banks and Saudi oil sites and guided an Iranian stealth drone into Israeli airspace.
DEBKAfile's exclusive intelligence and counterterrorism sources

Death Threats

Those who take a strong stand can expect death threats, as Glen Beck has experienced because of his Restoring Courage initiative. In the UK, Members of Parliament who speak up for Israel are receiving death threats. Nothing is being done to rein in Muslim thugs. Courage is indeed required to continue to be a supporter of Israel.

De legitimisation

The motive behind much of the output hostile to Israel is de-legitimisation; that is implanting the perception that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish Nation. If enough people believe this for long enough, there will be joy when a UN force marches in to remove the Israeli state.


One of the problems Israel faces in its struggle for continued existence as the only democracy in the Middle East is the difference in birth-rates. Israelis (with the exception of the more orthodox) have a western attitude to contraception, abortion and family planning while the Arabs/Muslims generally have much larger families. If the present trend continues, Israel will eventually vote itself out of existence as a Jewish state.


In all aspects of communication, but especially cartoons, the Palestinian and Islamic world publish the most nauseatingly Anti-Semitic hatred; much of it in the same vein or derived from Hitler's Nazi party publications. They are succeeding in poisoning the minds of their young people to hate and fear people they have never met.

Divestment (or Disenfranchisement)

See also Boycott and Churches against Israel


"West Bank a region west of the river Jordan assigned to Jordan in 1948 and occupied by Israel since 1967." The Concise Oxford Dictionary - 1990

(Assigned? by whom? - Jordan invaded and annexed Judea and Samaria)

D.I.Y. Weapons

Small engineering workshops and kitchens are taking everyday supplies and humanitarian aid (Fertiliser, sugar and irrigation pipes) to manufacture rockets that, in spite of being crude, when launched daily towards civilian communities like Sderot have a devastating effect on the lives of the people. Cars, diggers, knives, anything may be, and have been, used in the cause of Palestinian terror.

D.I.Y. Guns

Homemade guns produced by local gunsmiths in the West Bank are driving an increase in the use of firearms in attacks by Palestinians on Israelis. In particular, the use of "Carl Gustav" or "Carlo" submachine guns - crudely manufactured in small metal shops and modelled on a Swedish weapon from the 1950s. "A genuine M16 assault rifle now costs 60,000 to 70,000 shekels on the street, whereas an improvised gun can cost as little as 2,000 shekels," (www.theguardian.com March 2016)

The Palestine Authority government is making considerable headway in persuading governments around the world to recognize Palestine as a nation state and support moves towards the unilateral declaration of a state of Palestine. See Unilateral state


Many large denominations are disenfrancising. That is, withdrawing all their investment in companies perceived to be working with Israel in order to attempt to force them to stop any involvement with Israel. See Christians against Israel

Drama on TV

Britain's Channel 4 broadcast a four part drama called The Promise that was factually, historically inaccurate and emotively biased against Israel and the Jews. It is only a drama, one might say, but it was offered as being fact based and carefully researched, leading people to believe the blatant distortions of the truth that it contained, further de-legitimising Israel in Britain and wherever else it is shown or sold (on DVD).


2018 - A drone launched from a Syrian air base and shot down by the IDF was found to be carrying explosives. It wasn't just taking pictures. In May 2021, another Iranian drone, perhaps brought from Iraq, flew into Israeli airspace and was downed. In August 2019, Israel struck a Hezbollah “killer drone” team that was operating near the Golan border. One type of drone, the Sahab, is equipped with long-range transceiver antennas for precision GPS navigation.


The idea of holding a "World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance" Sounds an excellent idea. However, the Conferences of this name held in Durban turned out to be little more than ganging up on Israel in an attempt to paint it as a Racist, Apartheid state. States with really bad records were not tackled.


Unfortunately, the man at home watching TV tends to believe what he sees to have actually happened. Everything we see on the television news has been edited; the question is "was it edited honestly or with malicious intent?" Sadly much of the material concerning Israel has been cynically and maliciously edited. The story of Little Mohammed ran for less than a minute on world TV stations having been launched by France2 and caused worldwide fury against Israel. The footage shown was inconclusive, apart from the judgments made in voiceovers. The condemnatory 50 seconds was produced from hours of footage (much of it staged) shot over a weekend. See Second Draft for an in depth analysis of how this is done in Pallywood.


In spite of commitments made under peace negotiations, Palestinian Authority school books continue to contain historical lies and hatred of Jews and Israel. European Union funding is paying for these books. See PMW www.palwatch.org.


Facebook is home to assorted anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups and provides a platform for sharing lies with friends.


Anti-Israel activists took over the advertising space on London Underground trains with their propaganda material (22 February 2016) The Mayor of London was informed and took steps to have them all removed. Note the sophistication of the poster production - to a high quality, and exact size to fit the location.


See the story of the fake tombstones placed in a controversial Jerusalem cemetery to attempt to prevent development or provoke anger and condemnation when development takes place. Replacement History


Often, Israel had only two friends in the United Nations; USA and Micronesia. Now the USA, under President Obama, is aligning itself against Israel and with the Islamic nations and the Islamic Umah. The USA is failing to stop Iran going Nuclear while just talking and appeasing.


There is a serious possibility that the stocks of Sarin and Mustard Gas belonging to Assad's regime in Syria will fall into the hands of Hizb'allah as Assad's regime crumbles.


Although Israel (the Jews) has been the victim of the world's worst Genocide, of which the Shoah (Nazi Holocaust) was merely the worst manifestation, Israel's opponents are prepared to accuse Israel of genocide. In fact, Israel's enemies can be seen to be using the Genocide Mechanism to prepare for the next attempted Final Solution.

Geographical revision

All the arguments about “Occupied Territories” hinge on inaccurate geographical history. See Land. For instance, the Occupied Territories (Biblical Judea and Samaria) were to be part of Israel but were occupied by Jordan by the end of the 1948 war in which the Arab states sought to destroy the new state of Israel. Only two nations in the whole world recognised Jordan's occupation. When Israel regained Judea and Samaria in the 1967 (six day) war, it was in accord with international law in that it was gained in a defensive war. Israel's enemies turn “international law” on its head when Israel is concerned. See also Lawfare.

Guided rockets

Iran is supplying Hizbollah with guidance systems for their previously inaccurate rockets stockpiled for use against Israel.

Historical revision

Associated with Geographical revision, Historical Revision is much wider in scope. Although the Arabs only started calling themselves Palestinians after losing the 1967 war, they have since invented all sorts of claims about having been the original inhabitants of the land. At the same time as the Waqf is removing spoil from the Temple mount, mixing it with garbage and dumping it (to destroy archaeological evidence of the existence of the Jewish Temples) they are claiming that there never was a Jewish Temple!

Holocaust Denial

There is a bizarre and evil alliance between Holocaust deniers and those who seek the next Holocaust; there are many who hold both positions simultaneously. (Ahmadinijad of Iran) But Holocaust denial is dangerous in the hands and minds of those who vaguely believe that the state of Israel only exists because of the Holocaust. If the Holocaust can be proved to be a lie, then Israel is not legitimate!

Humanitarian Aid

Israel is accused of imposing a blockade on Gaza that is preventing Human Aid reaching the population. Activists are sailing a "Humanitarian Aid" flotilla to Gaza to make the point. But, the facts are quite different as there is no "Blockade" and Gaza is well supplied (and was even during the fighting) The Flotilla is a cynical deception!

Human Shields

A win - win tactic.

1 By hiding behind women and children terrorist fighters know that IDF forces will be prevented from returning fire.

2 But if they do return fire and a woman or child is hurt a major Public Opinion victory is achieved.

(The "Free Gaza" activists, western intellectuals, recruited hot-headed Turkish would-be martyrs to come and die in their media circus)


Reports damning Israel for things like using White Phosphorous or causing collateral damage during military operations are never put in the context of acknowledging that our forces (Nato etc) are doing exactly what Israel is accused of.

The Telegraph Magazine, that had recently carried a very hostile photo feature accusing Israel for the alleged situation in Gaza, cheerfully carried this picture, "a white phosphorus incendiary bomb directed at insurgents" in a feature about coalition troops in Afghanistan.

See also Apartheid re Arab objections to the existence of a Jewish state of Israel as being a Racist concept. This argument was raised when PM Netanyahu called on the Palestinians to recognise Israel as being a Jewish state during peace negotiations.

Interference in Israel's democracy

Former top Clinton strategist Stan Greenberg has been working to coordinate and grow the protests against the Netanyahu government in Israel. This is a repeat of events from the late 1990’s when President Clinton sent his strategists, including Greenberg to Israel to work on the election campaign of Ehud Barak in an ultimately successful effort to end the first term of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister.

"International Law"

Many spurious claims are made that Israel is in defiance of "International Law." With a proper understanding of International Law it is possible to refute these claims.


The Internet is a wonderful tool, but like all tools it can be used for good or for evil. Israel's enemies have made great strides in using the Internet to spread loathing of Israel, especially among the young. Having worked in the Communications Studies department of a college for 16 -18 year olds I have seen how they accept and devour information from the Internet. If Israel's enemies can get their professionally constructed sites picked up by Search Engine enquiries, they will always get their point across first; or even exclusively.

Social networking sites are also a battleground where Israel hating groups are able to share their campaigning and recruit the uncommitted.

Christian Zionists may all be little guys but we can pass on the truth to our friends using the tools that the Internet places in our hands; if we make an effort.


Islam is uniting more than a billion souls against Israel. Clearly not all Muslims are terrorists, but the voices within Islam challenging calls for Jihad against Israel and the west are not making much impression. Radical Muslims have no difficulty finding anti-Semitism, and instructions for hatred and bloody holy war against infidels in the Qur'an and the Hadith.

Jewish Scruples

Many organisations working against Israel will quote thoughts from Jewish/Israeli Jewish individuals or organisations that challenge or question what is happening in Israel.

Four things need to be pointed out here. One; The fact that Jews are questioning and arguing about policy indicates the goodness and conscience of Jewish people - not that they are evil. Their willingness to consider the rights of their enemies is commendable but is taken advantage of by their enemies. Two; Organisations often quote a Palestinian criticising Israel and a Jew criticising Israel and claim they are being balanced ?! Three; Israel's enemies are not given to discussing any doubts or guilt on their part - in Palestinian controlled territories, to do so could be life limiting. Four; Israel's "New Historians" are often quoted but they have their own motives for an anti-Israel slant. See also Goldstone and Post Zionism


During the 2018 campaign against Israel from Gaza, kites bearing swastikas have been flown across the border, carrying fire bombs that have casued destruction of Israeli crops.Any similarity to children's kites should be put out of mind. Large areas of farmland and nature reserves have been destroyed.This kite came down in Gush Katif, apparently having failed to catch fire.


As well as misrepresenting International Law in their arguments claiming Israel is an illegal and illegitimate state, Israel's enemies are using the laws of western nations to harass Israeli politicians and soldiers by bringing spurious prosecutions for war crimes.

The appointment of Judge Goldstone (a Jewish South African Judge) to produce a hopelessly one sided report in the guise of a balanced one merits attention for several reasons.


"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
Winston Churchill -

- "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." Lenin

See Internet, Photoshop, and Bloggers for a look at how lies work against Israel.


Martyrdom ( Shahada )

See Gaza Blockade for a report pointing out how the Free Gaza activists used Turkish Muslims keen for martyrdom for Allah to get themselves shot by the Israelis and further blacken Israel in the world media.

Media manipulation

The BBC is one particularly bad example of an international media outlet that regularly takes ready edited news footage and broadcasts it with a pro-Palestinian – anti-Israel slant, as if it was their own work. Some material is real, but selectively presented while some is a total fabrication, as was the case with France 2 and the Little Mohammed story. See also Pallywood www.seconddraft.org. Western media

Medicine - Pathology

The Lancet medical journal ran a headline, "Israeli Doctors Accused of Collusion in Torture".

The article concerned the death of Arafat Jaradat, a 30-year-old father of two and member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade. An autopsy conducted the next day by Israeli forensic pathologists concluded the likely cause of death to be a heart attack (myocardial infarction). Vigorous attempts at cardiopulmonary resuscitation had been carried out for almost an hour. Anyone who has taken basic CPR training knows that the physical force required to provide adequate chest compressions in order to generate the necessary cardiac output invariably leads to chest trauma, not infrequently to rib and/or sternal fractures. Bruising would be clearly visible by the next day.

Palestinian Authority's chief pathologist, Dr. Saber Aloul, who attended the autopsy, is reported as saying that "bruising on the body was evidence of torture."



See Rockets


See Palestinian Media watch www.palwatch.org and Middle East Media Research Institute www.memri.org web sites to see how hatred and demonisation of Israel and Jews and Christians is preached in Palestinian mosques. (and others)

See also Gaza (You Tube) videos proving that mosques were used to store arms.


See the Palestinian Media watch web site for music videos broadcast repeatedly on Palestinian Authority TV calling on children and young people to become shahada (Martyrs)


Non Governmental Organisations such as Amnesty International were set up to do something about the plight of political prisoners in the Gulags of the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union fell, these organisations and their executives had to look around for another target to preserve their status and their incomes. They chose Israel as a soft and popular target.


As Iran's mullahs and their front man continue to develop nuclear weapons and delivery systems, the world, led by US president prevaricates and hopes they will back down.


Israel's enemies have OIL and Israel does not. Which side do western, developed nations take?

Olympic Games ?!

At the London 2012 games, the IOC's refusal to hold a minute's silence for the eleven Israelis murdered at the Munich Olympics brought several anti-Israel attitudes out into the open. Olympics


Palestinian cameramen and media fixers have developed a formidable industry producing footage for sale to world media companies. The prime example being the Mohammed al Dura fraud. Visit Second Draft for systematic analysis. www.seconddraft.org


The 2006 war between Israel and Hizbollah produced a wealth of "evidence" against Israel but much of it was revealed to be produced by staging and/or doctored by the use of Photoshop to fake images. This was revealed by detective work done by bloggers, not by the media outlets that should have checked what they passed on. Thus the lies remain in the mainstream consciousness.


Palestinian Media Watch specialise in monitoring the propaganda regularly targeting the Palestinians and their children with hatred and misinformation about the Jews of Israel.


Media outlets are putting facts inside inverted commas/quotation marks inferring that the "terrorist attacks" which they report are only terrorist attacks in Israel's opinion and should not be taken seriously. Y-Net reported

A CNN website report avoided describing the event as a terror attack, noting that the Israel Defense Forces consider it an act of terrorism. "Only you decided to use the term terrorist attack in quotation marks, as if this were not necessarily the case," Helman wrote. "There is a limit to the extent of objectivity regarding such a horrific deed." - CNN has removed the quotation marks from the headline and the opening paragraph.

Red Buses

During the London 2012 Olympics, 450 Transport for London buses carried posters for an upcoming Iran-linked anti-Israel rally.

photo by CST - London red bus carrying a dishonest anti-Israel poster

The Al Quds Day march is an annual, international event founded by the late Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. While ostensibly about “the freedom of the Palestinians,” the website includes links to incendiary quotes by Ayatollah Khomeini, such as one in which he calls on people to “rise, destroy Israel and replace it with the heroic Palestinian nation,” and video footage of previous Al Quds day marches, showing demonstrators holding signs saying “We are all Hizbollah” - scenes-from-londons-al-quds-day

Refugees - See also UNRWA

The Palestinian leaders, and other Arab leaders, have kept those displaced when the Arab states attacked Israel in 1948 for use as a demographic weapon against Israel. Instead of allowing them to integrate, as all other refugees are around the world, the UN, via the UNRWA has made them and their descendants perpetual refugees for use against Israel. If Israel was forced to accept them they would, in time, be able to vote the democratic Jewish state out of existence.

Refugees are also being used as a weapon against the west, by ISIS and the Isalmic world. It's called hijrah.


Honest Reporting note that, despite the media's romanticism for a story of Palestinian "refugees" attempting to return to their "former homes", a Syrian opposition group published details of Syrian government payments to those involved in the border riots and infiltrations. Now a leaked document has emerged, detailing how the Syrian authorities actively helped to create the border confrontations as a way to distract attention from the brutal campaign that the Assad regime is currently conducting against its own civilian population.


Rockets and other missiles

See Sderot for the implications of living under rocket barrage and Rockets for details of the various types of Missiles fired at Israeli civilians

Sham Tribunals

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine - “Are Israel’s practices against the Palestinian People in breach of the prohibition on Apartheid under International Law”. Judge Richard Goldstone said “It is not a ‘tribunal.’ The ‘evidence’ is going to be one-sided and the members of the ‘jury’ are critics whose harsh views of Israel are well known. In Israel, there is no apartheid. Nothing there comes close to the definition of apartheid under the 1998 Rome Statute."

“When you are studying any matter or considering any philosophy ask yourself only what are the facts and what is the truth that the facts bear out. Never let yourself be diverted either by what you wish to believe or by what you think will have beneficial social effects if it were believed. Look only and solely at what are the facts”. Bertrand Russell

No chance! - Check out their web site - www.russelltribunalonpalestine.com


The story of the deaths during the "Naqba Day" invasion of Israel's border from Syria was initially widely reported, but BBC and Sky both dropped this story like a stone when it emerged that the participants were paid by the Assad regime. Intelligence sources reported that the Syrians involved were Syrian farmers who have migrated from the drought-stricken northeast Syria and hundreds of these farmers were paid $1,000 each to show-up and $10,000 to their families should any of them succumb to Israeli fire. In Syria, an average salary is about $200 a month.

Snipers Rifle

New Palestinian terror weapon: It is the Austrian single-shot Steyr 50 caliber sniper rifle which has an effective accurate range of up to 1,500 m and fires a 0.5inch diameter bullet. Iranian copies are being supplied via Hizballah to the Gaza Strip.

IDF investigators are combing through recent records to find out how many murders were committed with this weapon..


Just as the weapons of our warfare are spiritual, so are the weapons of the common enemy; Satan; Hebrew meaning Adversary. The battle over Jerusalem / Israel is the battle over who is God. If Jerusalem is taken away from the Jews and becomes another Islamic country, where is Jesus the Messiah going to return? If the God of Israel can not save Israel, he is not God at all! See also Babylon

Stolen Heroes

Palestinianists have claimed Rev Martin Luther King and his speeches and struggles as their own, a hero of the oppressed, and use him in their hate campaigns against Israel. In fact Rev King was a Christian Zionist who would have had nothing to do with the Palestinianist cause!


“The man who controls the terms, controls the Debate” Mike Evans. If you have a debate about the situation in the “Occupied Territories” you have already accepted the untrue premise that Israel has illegally occupied land that originally belonged to Palestinians.


See Bad theologies to understand how Replacement theology, Liberation Theology etc are used to undermine the legitimacy of Israel in the minds of Christians and cause them to work and pray against God's purposes, promises and everlasting covenants.

Think Tanks - Daniel Pipes explains

Funding has been given clandestinely, with think tanks taking money under the table while benefiting from a moral image of disinterestedness.

In the most prominently egregious example, the government of Qatar that "funnelled hundreds of millions to Hamas-led Gaza and encouraged its rocket and tunnel assault on Israel," also signed a four-year $14.8 million deal in 2013 to fund the Brookings Institution where Martin Indyk serves as vice president and director of the Foreign Policy Program. Indyk worked for Secretary of State John Kerry from July 2013 to June 2014 as special envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. As someone on the same payroll as is Israel's mortal enemy, how could Indyk be expected to act in a neutral way?


Tunnels are the second most important factor in the 2014 offensive against Hamas in Gaza. Tunnels are used for movement and storage of arms, but also as a direct access route behind Israeli lines to commit acts of terror. (Attack Tunnels)


The Twitter social networking site has been used to propagate blood libels against Israel, including one by Khulood Badawi, an Information and Media Coordinator for the OCHA - the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


Iran has given Hizballah UAVs with stealth qualities capable of outwitting Israel's military defenses. That is an unmanned aircraft (drone) capable of carrying a bomb across a distance of 2,000 kilometers.

United Nations

Most people assume the United Nations to be the righteous arbiter and protector of peace between nations. In fact it operates according to the interests of power and influence groups. Arab and Islamic nations will always cooperate against Israel, whatever their normal antipathy towards each other.


The cultural organisation branch of the United Nations admitted Palestine as a state and has started flying the Palestinian flag in Paris. Steps to establish Palestine as a state - at least in everyone's consciousness; if not in legal fact.


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency was set up around sixty years ago, to look after the Palestinians made refugees by events. However, the UNRWA was never allowed to resolve the problem but has become part of the cynical process of perpetuating the suffering and the refugee status of these unfortunate people and their descendants as another weapon with which to overwhelm Israel. This weapon is known as the so called "Right of Return" There has been no other conflict from which refugees have not been absorbed by their own people and the operation closed down. The Palestinians are Arabs but the wealthy Arab nations have done nothing for them!


Israel's enemies have strongly targeted university students for anti-Israel propaganda; abusing the hospitality of universities to free discussion by shouting down pro Israel opinion and intimidating Jewish students.

Video Games

"Gaza Man" - a game promoting hatred, terror and the murder of Israeli soldiers - was released on the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play Store. A petition to remove the game from sale was a success. Google and Amazon did the right thing.

Visiting Speakers

Visiting speakers to church or outside groups can often bring a strongly anti-Israel message in under the radar of a church. See also World Council of Churches and EAPPI.

Weapon supplies

Weapons are coming into Palestinian controlled areas via Egypt to Gaza tunnels. Iran is supplying more and more sophisticated weapons to terrorists (Hizballah) camped around Israel's borders and to the hostile governments of Syria


As Human Shields and as Suicide terrorists. (For example Reem Raishi, a mother who was seduced by a terrorist organiser who gave her the way out of becoming a suicide bomber when her disgrace came out)

You Tube

A visit to You Tube can now gather good video material in support of Israel, but even more videos vilifying Israel. As with many sites that collect comment, the darkest and most ignorant recesses of many hearts are revealed in anti-Israel anti-Jew comments!


What to do about all this?

You can complain, correct, explain in the hope of saving some people from being taken in. Lovers of the God of truth should not stand idly by in the presence of all this. Explain to your family and friends.

You can Pray. Prayer will not divert the things that must happen as evil abounds more and more, but Righteousness is also supposed to abound more alongaide the evil. We should pray for protection for the people of Israel - and also for Salvation. Pray also for the Church, that the body of Christ/Messiah will be wiser in what it believes.

You can Fast. A body of believers fasts on Fridays; the day the Muslims pray to Allah for the destruction of Israel, that these enemies of Israel and Christians will meet Jesus and be delivered from bondage to the Moon God.


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