" You know how to read the appearance of the sky, but you can't read the signs of the times!" Jesus - Matthew 16:3

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Please note - Whilst this section of wildolive is about what is changing, temporary and political, the ministry of wildolive is primarily about the spiritual, eternal truth of the Bible and the Gospel.

This news is provided as prayer information for Christians (and Jews) and as a means of understanding the pressures facing Israel and also ourselves, living in "the nations."

This information is only the latest news and will be displaced from this page.


There is an abundance of opinion and conjecture about the Iran deal and Israel's position on various issues but little that is actually new - until something big happens.

Israel continues to face threats from the world, increasing hostility from the Obama administration and terror attacks at home.


The long running Roadmaps, the Oslo Accords and Two State solutions all appear stalled,

So what must be done now?

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