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Who are we ?

My wife and I had been a couple of ordinary Christian believers for many years and had four grown up children when we first went to Israel in 1998. We were amazed to have our understanding of Israel and the Jewish people and the Bible radically changed.

We went to a "Jerusalem Jubilee" prayer conference, run by Christine Darg of Exploits Ministries  (see Internet page) and received teaching from various well informed teachers.   Upon returning home we sought out good teaching in books and on the Internet.  We found out how little truth there is in the media picture of Israel and how many traditional Christian beliefs are not really Bible based.

We saw how much we had been missing before we experienced the  blessing part of God's promise to the patriarchs,  "He who blesses you I will bless and He who curses you I will curse."

We found that a proper understanding of the Jewish roots of our faith and our Bible changed and enriched our lives, and would like other Christians to experience the same blessings.

My wife passed away in 2015 but I still seek to use this website to offer an introduction to the wonderful ministry we have received. Being priveleged to attend several ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles events, it struck me that it was a shame that these messages from world class speakers that we heard would not be available to the whole body.

Many of these speakers have been gracious enough to allow me to summarise their messages and material as web pages. Thus I am not imparting my own wisdom or insight so much as acting as a collector and a compiler of a widely available resource.

Does all this Jewish stuff matter ?

Yes;  I believe it does, but not as mere religious trivia.

In the "God Chasers" by Tommy Tenney, he reviews the state of churches in the West and compares his findings with what the Bible teaches is possible when God's people seek his face, and not just His blessings.   He warns that it is not knowing facts about God that brings his power into our lives, our churches and the people around.  For that reason we do not offer the teaching on this website for use as religious trivia but  as signposts for those seeking to draw closer to the heart of our Heavenly Father who chose to reveal himself to the world through a chosen people.     We see that God chose the children of Israel  (Jacob)  to bring his revelation to the nations of the world.   His ultimate revelation was through Jesus who came, lived, ministered, suffered and died for us as a Jew!   Since He is the greatest revelation of The Father's glory that we will be able to experience in this life,  his Jewishness is very important.   

It is so sad  that the Church has discarded the Jewish Holy Days that Jesus celebrated and which figure in his teaching.   These are divinely ordained teaching events and are prophetic celebrations.   The Church is also suffering for its adoption of  Replacement Theology and Anti-Semitic beliefs.   How much are we suffering for the Church's history of cursing rather than blessing God's chosen people?    We have no wish to attack the Church; we are part of it too.   We believe our lord is working on all our spots and wrinkles ready for the day he comes as our bridegroom!    This may happen soon and we want to be ready.  He is coming for his bride, in the singular.   Will He find us joined together - Jewish and Gentile believers  - and all focused on Yeshua the Messiah rather than on our denominations? We find knowing the Jewish Jesus draws out so much more wonder, praise and worship but we still need to press on to know him personally.   

After wrestling all night, Jacob said, "I won't let you go unless you bless me." and that is why Jacob's name was changed to Israel.  (Genesis 32 v25-29)  

Moses learned great things about God and received a wonderful assurances when he declared, "If your presence doesn't go with us, don't make us go on from here.",  but he still asked,  "I beg you to show me your glory!".   (Exodus 33 v12-23)

We need to seek to know Jesus/Yeshua personally, to be a God Chaser? 

(Moses did get to see the glory of Jesus - but he had to wait a long time . . . . . )


How and why did wildolive come to be?

It began with one of those God-incidences.  The author, along with the other conference delegates in Jerusalem, was exhorted to go home and tell others all about God's purposes for Israel and the Church's error concerning Israel.  We learned of a Church of England initiative called "Cybernauts Awake", which examined the dynamics of people browsing the Internet and encouraged Christians to put good stuff on the Internet instead of grumbling about the bad stuff.  Then the author was asked by his employer, to learn how to write web sites so that he could teach the students.

Since then God has supplied a steady flow of teaching, books, magazine articles and Bible insights in a sequence which has enabled a steady growth in the breadth of this site, whilst remaining centred around the call to the church to get back to its roots and use its scriptures properly.

Some principles governing wildolive.

Although this site advocates the use of Yeshua, the proper Hebrew name of  Jesus, and the proper names of God, the familiar names are used through most of the text to avoid confusion.

The author acknowledges the debt owed to the authors and ministers who have made this website possible.  Wildolive is merely an introduction to the richness available to the disciple.  Please make use of the Internet, Booksand other media listed. 

This website is independent and non commercial.   No donations are sought and no data about correspondents will be passed to a third party.  This site has no link with suppliers of books or other items, except as a consumer.

The author is not a minister of religion, but recognizes the sovereign authority and teaching of GOD.   The content of this site has been approved by qualified ministers of the Gospel.

The author does not necessarily endorse every opinion expressed on linked web sites, or in forwarded material, but shares them believing they are worth checking out. The author does not have a prophetic anointing but will share things that seem to require the reader to use his own discernment.

This website might be criticized for lack of balance or lack of  understanding of the plight of the Palestinians.  But our policy is that there is no shortage of sources putting over the anti-Israel point of view and the real need is for wildolive to present the truth behind the arguments in order for you to reach a balanced view for yourself.   

Beware of balancing truth and lies - the result will be half truth!

I am very aware of the plight of the ordinary Palestinian, but strongly disagree with the popular apportionment of blame and the basic assumptions about the causes.

Wildolive does not unquestioningly support the actions of the government of the state of Israel, but believes it is there by the will and for the purposes of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as he sees through  His plans.  It is to the fulfilment of these plans that we look forward.

The explanations of Jewish words and tradition offered here are typical rather than absolute truth.  Different sources have different explanations and definitions of terms.  This is part of the richness of Judaism, and testament to the willingness of Jews to discuss differences of opinion and belief.

The pictures on wildolive were taken during  more than twenty visits to Israel, at Passover and Tabernacles and other occasions.

The Messianic Seal  -  this version is the original work of wildolive.co.uk but free for use under the GNU Free Documentation License

My pictures are copyright - more precisely "copyleft" - free to use but authorship must be acknowledged.- Please do not use any without permission.

Pictures used on this site with the permission of their owners remain the property of the owners; not wildolive.

You are welcome to use the teaching material for purposes such as worship, prayer, study groups and Church magazines.  (Please include the www.wildolive.co.uk credit with anything you use)

This rendering of the Messianic Seal of the early Jerusalem church, and the animated version at the head of each page, are the original work of Wildolive.co.uk.


You can contact me by E-Mail on info @ wildoive. co. uk (without the spaces)

I forward interesting material and could include you if you wish. (Sent BCC to avoid publishing addresses)

Wishing you  Shalom  and God's  richest    blessing. - Michael Beer


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