"But there are also many other things Yeshua did; and if they were all to be recorded, I don't think the whole world could contain the books that would have to be written!" - John 21:25

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About us

Abraham's seed

Abraham Accords - Trump Peace plan

Against christian-zionism

Aliyah - Jews go home to Israel from the Diaspora

All Israel saved

America and Israel

Ancient hatred

And Britain ?

And Britain ? - prophetic words

And Britain? - Habakuk's message for Britain

And Britain's Duplicity



Apartheid - the accusation against Israel compared with the real thing

Arguing our case




Audio files on wildolive




Bad theologies affecting Israel and the Christian

Balaam's error

Baptism in the Spirit


Barmitzvah - Coming of Age

BBC and Balen - refusing to publish the findings of its own enquiry

Be not conformed

Beast - the Beast of Revelation

Before you leave wildolive

Beginner's Guide to Christian faith

Beginner's Guide to Messianic faith

Being there pro Israel events

Being there 2

Bethlehem and the beleaguered Christians

The Bible

Bible against israel ?

Bible upsets Jews ? accusations of anti-Semitism in the New Testament

Biblical Christian Zionism

Big words in Christian terminology

Bless / curse


Blogs strike back

Blood libel - since medieval times

Blood libel 2014

Books recommended on wildolive

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions

Bris milah - circumcision

Baptist Times - "Peacemakers" article

BUGB article anti-Israel

Calendars - Jewish and Christian

Campus against Israel

CATC (Christ at the Checkpoint conference)

CATC 2014

Channukah - Hannukah feast

Christendom ?

Christian myths

Christian Palestinianism

Christians against Israel

Christian dates

Complete Jewish Bible

Contact us

Counting the Omer


Cross - its religious significance - why is it a problem to the Jews? - what does it mean?

Cross - physically - Death by Crucifixion - the facts

Cross-exchange The exchange Jesus made with us

Cursed? has God cursed the Jews?

Dabru emet - Speak Truth - A Jewish perspective

David's tabernacle

Dear Church - communication our view to the Church

Dear Muslim - reaching out to Muslims, as Christians

Dear world - one Jew's dispute with the hostile world

Democracy in Israel


Denominations against Israel

Directory - this page

Disunity - When we stand up for the truth about Israel, are we doing it in the right spirit?

Double standards when judging Israel

Dual Covenant Theology

Durban Conference a weapon against Israel

Endtimes prophecies yet to be fulfilled

England history - The Jews in England - 1066 - 1290


Europe and Israel

Evangelicals against Israel

Existential Threat - what does this mean ?


Family - Kingdom - God's plan for world redemption

Feasts of the LORD

Firstborn (dedication of)

Follower To become a follower of Jesus

Footnote for Jewish visitors

Forgivness - we all need it

Galatians on Israel

Gap between spring feasts and autumn/fall feasts

Gaza - Gaza History

Gaza 2012 - Gaza 2014 - Gaza 2018

Gaza blockade -Gaza blockade Legality - Gaza Blockade PM

Gaza by Kemp UK's Col Richard Kemp discusses warfare

Gaza demos - Gaza Flotilla - Gaza Videos -Gazans speak

Genocide - how the Holocaust was made to happen

Gilo - Jerusalem suburb - called a settlement

Goldstone Report on Gaza 2012

God's Strategy for redeeming Israel

Grace and Law - discussed

Greek or Hebrew - spectacles for reading the Bible

Great Reset

Gulf War III - Islamic State

Haggadah - the guide for having a Passover Seder

Halal (permissible for Muslims) food etc

Halloween - harmless fun or evil?


Har Homa - Jerusalem suburb - called a settlement

Hatikvah Trust - produce excellent films

Healing - reconnecting with Healing in the Gospels

Healing case studies

Healing importance

Healing key

Healing - opposition within church

Healing practical

Healing toolkit

Heaven / Hell

Hebrew - the language and its significance

Hereford history (re the Middle Ages Jewish Community)

History - the Church in relation to Israel :(


The Holocaust and the Palestinians

Holocaust not all down to Hitler's Nazis

Holocaust denial

Holy week for Yeshua

Hosting Israeli Tourists a chance to touch Israeli hearts


Immigration or Invasion ?

Index home page

Index backup - development version of home page

Individual Christians against Israel

Indoctrination of Palestinian children, and incitement to violence

Info - Matters of faith sub directory

Instruments (musical)

International Law concerning Israel

Internet Links - by topic

Internet links alphabetical

Intifada 2014

Iran - enemy of Israel

Iran Deal

Iran going Nuclear

Islam - Is what we are told about Islam true?

Islam FAQ

Islam means Peace ?

Islam reforms ?

Islam on Women

Islam's License to Kill

Islam's "Tiny Few Violent Extremists" - a myth?

Islamic Terrorism



Islam denominations

Israel on Internet - the battle

Israel regathered - prophecy fulfilled

Israel and the nations

Israel against Israel

Israel in crisis

"Israel Lobby" in Britain - imagined

Israel Lobby - actual

Israel's Battles

Israel's Democracy - under threat ?


Jews & Christians - sub directory

Jihad (Islamic holy war)


Kingdom - the Kingdom of God /Kingdom of Heaven

Kosher - Jewish food law

Navigation structure

Site Map - L1C1

L2C1 God's Plan

L2C3 Religion

L2C4 History

L2C5 The World

L2C6 The Nations

L2C7 wildolive

Land - Who's Land is it Anyway?

Lawfare Legal warfare / warfare waged through the courts

Lebanon - Media Coverage of the Hizballah - Israel conflict

Little Mohammed al Dura - another blood libel

Magog / Russia war of Ezekiel

Mandela Phenomenon - Saint or sinner or media phenomenon?

Marketing Evil - explaining the pervasiveness of evil in our world

Media bias against Israel

Messianic Debate

Messianic history

Messianic seal

Military ethics - Israel's higher than any other

Minor feasts of the Bible

Mission Israel - when you visit Israel, what does God want of you?

Modern states of the Middle East - not just Israel

Mohammed cartoons - and the ensuing row (s)

Muslim on Muslim violence !?

Muslims and Jesus

Mosque here ? in our town ?

Multiple fronts on which Israel must fight

Munich movie - a fair representation of Israel?

Muslim Fanatics - The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history.

My denomination - Baptist Missionary Society against Israel

My denomination - what about yours?

Names in the Bible - their significance

Names of God - The name of God appears 6828 times in the Bible. What is it?

National disasters related to treatment of Israel - Genesis 12:3 in action?

Neighbourhood - Israel in a tough neighbourhood

New moon (Rosh Chodesh)

New Moves within Christianity in Israel

New Pages on wildolive

Next lebanon war (?)

NGOs - Non Government Organisations - against Israel

Nom de guerre - as used by Palestinians

Numbers in the Bible - their significance

Nutshell gospel

the "Occupation"

Olive tree - the reason for wildolive

Olive parable - the reason for wildolive

(Studying all of Romans )

Olympics - London 2012 - anti-Israel?

Oslo Accords

Oslo void 2015 - due to Palestinian actions

Other Peoples in Israel

"Our Father prayer"

Palestine state 2012 ?

Palestinian Charters - see what they still say (partners for peace?)

Palestinian Christians - Why do they act and believe the Palestinian Authority line on Israel ?

Palestinian incitement to commit terrorist acts

Palestinian lexicon - the careful use of words

Palestinian life - understanding the Palestinians, their culture, their leaders and their lives.

Palestinian Money - needs content - where it comes from and where it goes!

Palestinian Refugees - the truth behind a weird construct

Palestine State 2012 or 2017 ?

PALLYWOOD - the Palestinian anti-Israel fantasy movie industry

Paradigm shift - complete lack of understanding between the friends and the oponents of Israel.

Peace ? Can it happen?

Peace - the world's understanding Revealed by eulogy for Shimon Peres (2016)

Persecution and the believer

Pessach - Passover

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - how and why.

Philosophy and Christian belief

Picture file - pictures on wildolive

Politics - sub directory of pages on the politics surrounding Israel

Post Modernism - Living in the Post Christian era

Post zionist ? What is happening to Zionism in Israel?

Poverty biblical or socialist perspective

Prayer - Jewish perspective on prayer

Praying - Communicating with our Heavenly Father

Problem page - personal problems (not related to Israel)

Promise - TV drama - anti-Israel ideas through drama

Propaganda - in Palestinian Authority

Protagonists in Middle East conflict

Public opinion as it affects Israel - the arena in which we all have a part.

Purim - Feast of Esther

Quotes about Jews

Quotes relevant to wildolive

Rabbi Jesus (Yeshua from Nazareth)

Rapture - when to expect it ?

Recommend us - please

Repentance - prerequisite for sacrifice and Atonement

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Replacement Theology - "God rejected Israel"

Replacement Calendar

Resources on wildolive

Revelation - book of

Revival - what is it ?


Roadmap (S) - Peace plans produced outside Israel

Rockets - How serious are the rockets hitting Israel ?

Romans Bible study podcasts (soon)

Rosh Hashanah - (new year)

Ruth as a parable of Israel and the Church

Sacrifice - all the different sacrifices

Same God ?

Saul / Paul - did he change his name?

Science - does real science really disagree with the Bible?

Sderot - the front line of Gaza terror

Settlers and Settlements - facts and fiction - heroes or villains ?

Sexuality (not re Israel)Shabbat - Sabbath


Sharia Law (Islamic Law)

Shavuot - (Pentecost)

Shepherds through the Bible - good and bad

Signs in the Heavens - eg Blood Moons

Siloam - the Pool of Siloam discovered.

Sin - the bad news that forms the background for the Good News

Site Map - the start of the navigation plan

Sizer - anti-Israel article by Steven Sizer published in in Baptist Times

Sizer's friends - Leading anti-Israel vicar appears to have unsavoury friends.

Social Gospel - is it compatible with the Gospel of Jesus?

Stolen land ? - Really ?

Strategy - God's purposes for Israel

SukKot - Feast of Tabernacles

Synagogue - inside a synagogue

Syria - the situation next to Israel

Tabernacles Trip - pictures

Temple / Tabernacle

Temple - non physical

Temple of Ezekiel - planned but not yet built - when will it be built.

The deal - getting saved through Jesus

The world and the Christian

The Jews - who are they ?

The cross - its religious significance - why is it a problem to the Jews? - what does it mean?

The cross - physically - Death by Crucifixion - the facts

The Trinity - God in three persons - echad is a composite unity, as husband and wife being one

Threads running through the Bible

Times of the Gentiles

Too much said about Anti-Semitism ?

Tribes and nations - tribes of Israel (Ya'akov)

Tribulation - the

Trinity - God in three persons - echad is a composite unity, as husband and wife being one

Trump Peace Plan

Tu b'shvat - new year of the trees

Tunnels - a terror weapon

Two Jerusalems - one on earth and one in heaven.

Two state solution ? could it work ?

United Nations - not the good thing it purports to be !

UN condemned

UN Speeches

Unbelief - Important truths that have fallen by the wayside in the Church.

Under law ? - Do Christians really understand when they talk about THE LAW?

Understanding the Times

Unilateral state ? - of Palestine

Until as a Biblical concept

Upside down - the World is Upside Down

Using wildolive

Violence and the Bible

Walking Together - A Jew and a Christian - individual relationships

Walls around the World

W.C.C. - World Council of Churches - hates Israel.

We all worship the same god - Right? - - comparisons

Wealth and the Bible

Weapons against Israel - not just military

Weddings - Jewish traditions - as Jesus knew

What now ? - what might happen next in the Middle East (09/06/14)

What's New ? Latest happenings - regularly updated

What can I do ? - ideas

Where was God? / Where is God?

Where we go when we die

Whither the church ? - looking at worrying trends.

Who are the Palestinians ? - Really ?

Who hates Israel ?

Who killed Jesus ? - Deicide charge against the Jews - but who was really responsible?

Whose Church ?

Why ? Why and wherefore of wildolive

Why so hard ? - Why are Jews so resistant to the Gospel?

Wild claims - beware of them

wildolive stuff

Women - Understanding their position in scripture

Yad Vashem - Israel's Holocaust Memorial museum

Yeshua follower - for the Jew contemplating the claims of Yeshua as Messiah of Israel

Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement

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