"They say, "Come, let's wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Isra'el be remembered no more!" Psalm 83:4

Existential Threat

Commentators might not appreciate the seriousness of Israel's position and the need for the IDF to be constantly vigilant against every threat.

The threat that Israel faces is entirely different from that faced by any other nation and the term "Existential Threat" has been coined to communicate the danger. But somehow this term does not convey the full magnitude of the danger without some explanation.

This audio clip, used with permission comes from an episode of Hebrew Voices, "The Battle for the Six Day War", in which Nehemia Gordon speaks with Michael Oren, the greatest living historian of modern Israel. https://www.nehemiaswall.com/battle-six-day-war

In this extract, Michael Oren explains clearly what an existential threat means.

Existential Threat

Michael Oren is an important member of the Israeli government who also holds a PhD in history from Princeton University.

Basically, an existential threat is just a threat to one's existence - if the threat succeeds, you will cease to exist.

This is what the Jewish race faced in the Holocaust - but now the Jews have their own state in which they are able to defend themselves. their enemies regularly voice their determination that Israel should cease to exist! The Jews should be driven into the sea and there will be no more israel

Germany and Japan lost World war II, but both still exist and are flourishing, but Israel's enemies aspire to seeing Israel cease to exist. Even the leader of Britain's main opposition party, who is denying that his party has a problem with anti-Semitism, has appeared on Iranian TV suggesting that The state of Israel does not have the right to exist.

No intelligent person should be able to say "Never again" on Holocaust Memorial day whilst ignoring the existential threats that Israel faces.


Posted 10/08/18

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