"When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me!" Jesus - John 8 v44

Demonstrations over Gaza 2009

For Israel, For Peace, For the innocent of Gaza, Against Hamas Terror.

Jewish and Christian demonstrators rally in Trafalgar Square, London on January 11th.

Addresses from , among others,

Henry Grunwald QC - President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews,

Tim Vince - Christian broadcaster,

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks - Chief Rabbi.

Demonstrations For Hamas - Against Israel

( " Free Palestine" and "We are all Hamas")

U.K. January 2009

Demonstrations permeated down to a local level in many cities around the U.K.

These demonstrations made it to local newspapers and reinforced ill-informed public opinion against Israel at a local level.

But there are deeper concerns to be considered about the demonstrations.

How are our nations standing up to Islamic intimidation?

United Kingdom

Whilst wildolive in no way sympathises with the BNP, or any fascist group, this video posted on BNPTube poses questions that need answering - urgently!

See the Metropolitan Police in London being subjected to violent confrontation from "Free Palestine" demonstrators!

Notice the rallying cry of "Allah hu akbar" (Allah is greater)

The media did not appear to find this worthy of comment.

Warning - the language is offensive.

An interesting demonstration in St Paul, Minnesota, USA

And worldwide, the demonstrations were all violently anti-Semitic.

Two Zombietime blogs captured the picture.


January 10, 2009: The Intifada is globalized as the Gaza War becomes a world war

On January 10, the war between Israel and Hamas became a global conflict. No longer confined to the Gaza Strip, the fighting spread to cities around the world: what were billed as “anti-war” demonstrations from Los Angeles to Copenhagen and beyond were in fact overtly pro-Hamas demonstrations, and on Saturday, January 10 there was a unprecedented eruption of violence and extremism in dozens of European and American cities, surpassing anything seen at anti-war rallies in recent years:


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