Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. Ephesians 6:10

Healing - Toolkit

You can collect the word of God concerning healing in various forms and use it to build up and maintain your faith/trust in healing in the name of Jesus. It will help you through times of attack on your confidence. I feel the world and its communication (particularly rolling news channels) work like sandpaper, wearing down your faith and peace and grasp on the supernatural power of God to heal. We need ammunition to counter the world.

Obviously, the spiritual armour of Ephesians is the first priority, but after that there are tools that I find very helpful for maintaining faith and trust for healing.

See also Healing Healing Practical advice, the Importance of Healing, Healing case studies, Authority, Opposition to Healing

The Word of God concerning Healing.

Healing Gospel

I took a little give away New Testament and went through with a Highlight pen, marking every passage about healing - mostly in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts.

(I never underline in my normal Bible as I think an underlined passage will be forever fixed with the significance it had for me on that day; whereas the Holy Spirit should be free to speak new things to us every time we read the Bible)

I would strongly recommend this exercise for what it will teach you. All the worrying questions will be answered for you. This exercise reveals how much of the Gospel is tied up with Healing and how important Healing is in proving who Jesus is, validating His message and causing people to believe. It also leaves no doubt that Jesus is willing to heal and able to heal.

We usually read all the healing stories from one of the gospels (including Acts) at night, before praying and "speaking to the mountain."

Teaching about healing


Christine Darg has captured some of the essentials of her teaching on healing in her booklet, "Speak to the mountain."

F.F. Bosworth had a long and fruitful healing ministry. He collected his sermons into a book that has subsequently been updated by his son. "Christ the Healer" goes systematically through all the scriptures that tell that you should be healed and how to claim that healing. (also available free, online as pdf - Ebook readable)

Keneth and Gloria Copeland have produced a ten session "Healing Wellness" course that comprises a book plus CDs and a DVD. It is designed for personal use but could equally be used for a group study.

"Healed of Cancer" is the title of two very helpful books. Both tell the story of a believer's faith journey to healing of a terminal condition.

Dodie Osteen tells the story of her healing and shares the scriptures she used to maintain her trust. - - ISBN 0-912631-33-3 - - 1986

Jo Lawson tells the story of her husband's healing at the point of death after a long testing of their faith. - - ISBN 0-88270-251-3 - -1977 - - available on Amazon

Another good little book is Charles Capps' "God's creative Power for Healing."

Reading on E-books

These are both free, public domain books.

Here is the link for Christ the Healer. I downloaded it and put it on my son's Kobo without any difficulty.

Also, Divine Healing by Andrew Murray is worth searching out.



Christine Darg has given various teachings on healing on various occasions and some are available on CD or on the Internet at or

You can save the audio of healing teachings on MP3 player to maintain your faith/trust.

Testimony of those who have been healed.

The little book, "Healed of Cancer" by Dodie Osteen tells her story of healing of terminal liver cancer and shares forty of the scriptures that helped her win the battle. Worth reading regularly. Also "Healed of Cancer" by Jo Lawton.

Audio testimony from Thurman Scrivner, interviewing people who have been healed of various things. I downloaded an MP3 file of recordings from his broadcasts. I split them into individual shows and saved them as CDs and as MP3 files to play on a laptop or an MP3 player (eg iPod)

Another idea

Since speaking the word of God for healing is so important, how about making yourself some flashcards?

You could start off with the 40 scriptures Dodie Osteen gives in her book, then add verses from healing stories in the gospel scriptures. (see Healing Gospel - above)

Carry them around with you or stick them in places like your lunchboxr.

Then take one out and read it aloud every so often.




A reminder to wear around your neck

A "mustard seed" necklace by Pure Word Jewellery - see Wildolive Stuff


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