"Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people." Deuteronomy 4:7

Matters of Faith

Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) from the Mount of Beatitudes

Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) from the Mount of Beatitudes

Christian / Jewish matters

This page leads to the following set of pages about matters of interest to those seeking to understand the Jewish connection and the times in which we are living.

These pages look at various topics and explain issues that are relevant to the other pages.  

Faith ?

What is faith and how is it to be used?

What's in a name     

Looking at the significance of Bible names, particularly those by which our God chose to be called, and what we actually call him. 

Numbers and Colours

An introduction to the meaning attached to numbers, colours and materials as used in worship buildings and utensils, and as found throughout scripture.


Looking at the Jewish calendar to see why the holidays appear to float with reference to the western calendar.

Christian dates

Examines the actual days on which the events on the Christian calendar probably occurred, and their significance.

Temple / Tabernacle

Introducing two books which examine the significance of these places.   Also a look at David's Tabernacle and its Messianic significance and implications for worship.


Some insights into this seldom explored subject, provided by a rabbi.


A quick look inside a synagogue to see some of the common features.

Musical instruments

Especially the Trumpet and the Harp are very significant, spiritually.


This city appears over and over again through the scriptures, both in history and prophecy as yet unfulfilled.  It is referred to by several names, often with connotations of heaven.  Why?


This city also appears many times in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, so it is clearly very significant.  It involves global human ambition and "One World Government".

End-times prophecy

Looking, briefly, at scriptures concerned with the "End-times", Messiah's return (the second coming) and the Apocalypse.


A balanced view of Angels  -  both God's agents and the fallen angels.   Understanding what they can and can not do and where they fit in to God's purposes.

The Rapture

How much do we understand of Jesus teaching about his people being taken up from the Earth in the end-times?   What if this has already happened when you read this?

Tribes and Nations

The significance of the Tribes of Israel and their fate is important in the understanding of much prophecy and Bible history.

Baptism and the Mikveh

Immersion for cleansing is part of Judaism and is the origin of baptism practiced by the Christian church.    The significance of John the Baptist is also considered.


Jewish prayer and prayer customs are considered.


Food laws are looked at, very briefly.

The Cross 

Why is it a problem ?   What is crucifixion?

Grace and The Law

The way that God forgives us even though we do not deserve it is called "Grace".  We are not forgiven through our keeping of the Law or our good works.   But we can misrepresent the Torah as legalism.


Many topics can be seen running all through the Bible, and reaching a climax in Jesus.  We will look at some and suggest the technique for finding others threads.


Challenges to popular thought

Whither the Church?

Some observations and questions on worrying trends within the church's worldview; prompted by observations of displays at a major Christian conference.


Some strange and non-biblical ideas are circulating about "Christian nations" that appear to stem from the erroneous concept of Christendom.


Why are we doing world mission the way we are? Is it biblical? Where did we inherit it from? Does it make sense? (not yet written)

Prompted by this book - Revolutions in World Missions, by K. P. Yohannan


(Other topics may be added from time to time)

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