Nations, hear the word of ADONAI! Proclaim it in the coastlands far away. Say: "He who scattered Israel is gathering him, guarding him like a shepherd his flock." Jeremiah 31 v9/10

Israel and the Nations

The Hill of Evil Counsel in Jerusalem - the U.N. HQ in Israel

The Hill of Evil Counsel in Jerusalem - the U.N. HQ in Israel


Do you ever wonder why little Israel is the hottest topic with all the nations of the world,  and how Israel has defeated enemies far greater and stronger than herself?

Have you wondered why God says so much about Israel in His word, why He promised so much for Israel and why the other nations are viewed so differently?

Are you aware that the LORD has a controversy with the nations that go against Israel and that He will execute Judgment on the Nations?

Ramon Bennett's book looks at these issues and their application, especially to - USSR, USA, UK, China, the Church, France, Germany, Iraq, Japan, New Zealand, Rome & Syria.

The other side of the coin of "Israel and the world" is the blessing side.  (Bless / Curse)

Don Finto's book reveals God's purposes for His covenant people in these times - and how this revelation is impacting the Church.

Two key concepts are highlighted. . . 

1967       The events in the heavenly realms that coincided with the restoration of Jerusalem to Israel, and how they impacted the community of believers in Yeshua.  That was when the Messianic movement really took off.

Until . . . .  The things that were to happen as revealed to Isaiah until "this people, (Israel) would  . . . .  understand with their hearts, they might repent and be healed!" 

The Church can not be blessed whilst clinging to Replacement Theology and God will bless and restore Israel with or without the Church.   How much better for the Church to get back into it's Ruth relationship with God and His chosen people and then experience all the wondrous grace God has for us in these end times.


Updated 19/01/16

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