"See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; Malachi (end)

Jews and Christians

Outside Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

Outside Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

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The name of this website  (Wild olive) is derived from the eleventh chapter of Paul's letter to the Romans, in which he discusses how Gentile believers fit into GOD's plans.  He explains that they have been fitted into Israel, his chosen people, like a wild olive branch being grafted into a cultivated tree.    In Ephesians chapter 2 v14 Paul tells us how Christ has broken down the middle wall of hostility between Jews and Gentiles.

It is obvious that the olive tree analogy is very neglected.

The wall of hostility got rebuilt, resulting in Anti -Semitism and terrible persecutions such as  the Holocaust.  

What happened? 

What went wrong? 

Who was to blame?

Who loses out?

The information on this website is only a taste of all the teaching that is available, and it would be good to check up on everything that is said here and elsewhere.  It is important to choose reliable reference material, especially a good translation of the Bible.  

It is important to remember that there are many theological works which are tainted by suspect traditions and Replacement Theology.  Most references used on this site are from the New International Version, but the Complete Jewish Bible is highly recommended.

What are God's purposes for Jews and Christians ?

The Jews were to be a light to the Nations ( Goyim - Gentiles)  Isaiah 60 v 1 and 19 Symbolised by the Menorah (seven branched candelabra )
The Christians were supposed to make the Jews envious of their relationship with God Romans 11 v 11 & 14 Symbolised by the seven gold candlesticks (with The Messiah in the midst) of Revelation 1 v12)

Both largely failed

The chosen people of Israel and Judah became like the nations around them

Sent into exile - Menorah taken away by the Romans.

Witness to the Nations taken up by the Church

The light will be restored
Christians turned the cross into a sword against the Jews and neglected much of God's word for man made traditions The churches that fail to repent are removed from their places, since they only function with the Messiah in their midst Failed lights will not be restored

See  Zechariah 4,  Isaiah 9,  Isaiah 62    End Times   Revelation  etc

The heading Jews and Christians is, perhaps, misleading.

Jews do not cease to be Jews if they get saved by their Messiah  (our Jesus).         They aren't converted Jews but converted sinners, like all Christians.   All those I have met call themselves Messianic Jews.   

The Hebrew term for Christians is Notsri  (Nazarene) and the Hebrew for Messianic Jew is Yehudi Meshichi.   

( See the Olive tree in Tu'bShvat for the significance of "Notsri"

 Please do not assume that this website is advocating all things Jewish over Christianity, or abandoning saving grace.  The aim of this site is to share the riches the Christian may find in Jewish faith and tradition.

The symbol at the right of the wildolive page banner is the Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church,  in the first century.  It has the Menorah  (the symbol of Judaism)  joined to the sign of the fish  (from  Greek Christian believers)   by the Magen David  ( star of David or shield of David - a messianic symbol).   ( See Israel Today magazine June 1999 if you can get a copy.  www.israeltoday.co.il)

Asher Intrater, a Messianic Pastor in Israel gave a really exciting message at the 2007 Feast, entitled "Sounding a Trumpet in Zion" It is available on CD from www.icej.org/resources/products

During the Feast of Tabernacles, four species of tree are used to depict types of people.  They could also be used of Jews and Christians.  (Please do not take this too seriously)

The willow has neither scent nor sweet fruit - like Jews and Gentiles who have no faith.

The myrtle has a sweet scent but no fruit - like Jews who do not have God's atonement in Jesus.

The palm has fruit but no scent - like Christians who are unaware of their Jewish roots and heritage.

The Citron has sweet fruit and scent - like Messianic Jews, and Christians who have found their Jewish roots.  They are doubly blessed.


There's more

Much of our experience is in terms of groups of Christians expressing our love to Israel or Jewish organisations, but that is not the best bit.

A special story of a Jew and a Gentile Christian walking together and bringing blessing to both Jews and Christians who are seeking a deep understanding of God's word.


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