"When you hear of wars and rumours of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen," Mark 13:7

The next (third) Lebanon War ?

Supporters of Lebanon's Hezbollah party parade to mark the last day of Ashura ceremony in Beirut, Lebanon October 1, 2017.. (photo credit:AZIZ TAHER/REUTERS)

Rewrite 11/11/17  

Wildolive has argued against the first and second wars on Israel's northern front being called "Lebanon War" 1 and 2, since they were with Hezbollah; not the Lebanese. But the next war does look like being a, "Lebanon War" as Hezbollah has taken over Lebanon.

In July 2012, Six years after the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War, the IDF was saying openly that Israel was preparing for another Lebanon war.

Where do things stand towards the end of 2017 ?

Iranian backed Hezbollah now has a huge stockpile of rockets aimed at Israel, many of which have greatly improved range and accuracy since to 2006 war.

With the confrontation between Iran and the Saudi led nations coming into sharper focus, reports coming out of Israel speak of Saudi Arabia ordering its nationals out of Lebanon and taking all their money out of Lebanon.

This could be devastating to Lebanon and to Hezbollah, but they still have their fighters and their arsenal of rockets aimed at Israel. The usual response of terrorists, and anti-Semites in general, when in trouble is to attack Israel or the Jews to deflect attention from their plight and to make themselves look heroic in the Muslim world, and even draw other Muslim nations into the conflict to support them when Israel fights back.

an excuse for Holy War ?

Would a Lebanon conflict, started by Hezbollah, be sufficient to persuade the warring Sunni and Shiite nations to overlook their differences and attack Israel ?

What position will Russia take ?

Russia has involved itself increasingly in the Middle East, apparently seeking to fill the vacuum left by Obama's USA.

Russia is usually anti Israel and is very friendly with Iran (sponsors of Hezbollah)

Russia has been deploying its most advance air defence missile systems into the Middle East conflict zones.

(Think Gog - Magog)

What position will Trump's America take ?

President Trump has made strong statements of support for Israel, but not everybody in the administration is as friendly.

With threats of nuclear attack on the USA from both Iran and North Korea becoming viable , how will the Trump government balance "America First" against support for Israel against an Iranian sponsored force?

Even sitting on their hands and watching Israel take on Lebanon is no longer an option for the USA. The new American F35 Raptor that Israel has obtained is an incredibly competent warplane that is able to learn from each mission. However, this learning is carried out by computers back in the USA, via the Internet. This gives the USA the power of veto over F35 missions. Would the USA keep the F35s on the ground if they disagreed with a planned Israeli attack?

What would Europe do ?

Europe has a habit of talking big and acting small, but how would European meddling affect such a conflict ? Apparently the Prime Minister of France flew in (November 2017)

Britain is in the process of leaving the European Union, but British policy towards Israel is divided and ambiguous.

Would China get involved ?

Let us not forget how China has developed in so many fields. China appears unwilling to go too far with President Trump in stopping North Korea's nuclear ambitions.


Seems like time to look up. (Luke 21:28)


Rewritten 27/11/17

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