The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One. Psalms 2:2

USA administration and Israel ?

The Obama Administration was anti-Israel

The Trump administration was pro-Israel

What about the Biden / Harris Administration ?

Wildolive is not qualified to judge the President of the United States, the most powerful man on earth.

Malcolm Hedding explained, in Biblical Christian Zionism, that it is not for us to tell Israel’s leaders what they should be doing; so it is even less our business (those of us who are not Americans) to lecture the president of the USA.

A fellow Christian Zionist who runs a prayer for Israel group was reprimanded by God for praying against President Obama, because God put him in power. We should be praying for our leaders; especially concerning their policies towards Israel.

The Obama administration.

The Obama administration Foreign Policy was negative towards Israel, but warm towards Islamic nations - even renegade states like Iran. (failing to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons - Iran Deal)

There was much concern about President Obama's enthusiasm for Islam.

Obama's statements at the UN placed him firmly on side with the Palestinian narrative.

Obama's overtures to the Muslims encouraged their leaders to believe they are more important and influential than they really are.

Obama and the leaders of the democratic nations failed to demand that the Palestinians cease their devastating torrent of hate propaganda against Israel.

There was concern about the number of Muslims brought in to the administration; some being Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy.

Obama's 'intelligence' agencies urged preparing for a 'post-Israel Middle East'

Vice President Hillary Clinton received $41,165 from prominent Islamists.


The Trump Administration

During the presidential campaign, the almost universally left wing American Media really went to town on discrediting Donald Trump and dredging up unsavoury but not particularly relevant or reliable accusations from years back. The much more serious, relevant and recent scandals involving the Clintons were studiously avoided.

Sadly the media elsewhere (notably the UK) cheerfully ran the American media material on Trump without questioning it.

Even more sadly, Christians swallowed the image of Donald Trump as nothing more than a loudmouthed misogynist buffoon, and grew to hate him.

What was the truth about Donald Trump and his administration ?

He did not trade on his Christianity, but he is believed to have recently come to a genuine faith in Jesus.

His vice President, Mike Pence, is a well known, solid Christian.

He has more Christian advisers on his staff than any administration for a long time.

The weekly Bible study with his staff is something unknown since long ago.

Trump's surprise election victory came after fervent prayer had been made for America.

Trump is not in the pay of any lobby groups

Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Halley has been amazing in speaking the truth about Israel and the conflict.

The Trump team, including his son in law and adviser Jared Kushner, recognised that the Israel - Palestinians conflict was not solvable by methods tried before and took a new approach that appears to have borne fruit.

While many previous presidential candidates reneged on promises to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, Trump's team did it.

Trump's administration pulled The USA out of the disastrous Iran deal and imposed severe sanctions on Iran.

They discouraged the corrupt Palestinian leadership by treating it as irrelevant, cutting off aid that they were using to pay terrorist murderers.

These policies, together with diplomacy have seen Arab states turning away from the Palestinians, of whose intransigence they are tiring, and normalising relations with Israel. Gulf states are recognising that they have common interests with (non Muslim) Israel against Iran's mullahs reckless pursuit of power in the Middle East and acquisition of nuclear weapons that they express every intention of using as soon as they can.

Another change

The 2020 Presidential Election is not a topic for this page, or even this site, but it exposed deeply troubling trends in the way democracy is being used and abused, as well as the intense polarisation of opinion in social media discourse. The "echo chamber effect" of people accessing news sources of their chosen standpoint appears responsible for turning disagreement into hatred and violence, both bodily and destroying individuals reputations or de-platforming .

The 2020 election was marrred by accusations of massive fraud. The Trump team collected masses of evidence of fraud and challenged the result, while the media said he was lying about having any evidence, even though it was made public on the internet. But then the Trump team appeared to mishandle their case and had it thrown out of many courts, on legal technicalities. The fact that they appeared to be depending on civil lawsuits and media revelations instead of criminal prosecutions seems strange. Could it be that the FBI (and the judiciary) are not independent but politically partisan towards the Democrats ? How deep is "the swamp" that Trump set out to drain ?

This all caused troubling ripples among Christians as popular prophecies about Trump's two terms appeared to be rendered wrong or false ? This seems to have caused disenchantment with present day prophecy among many, and soul searching within the prophetically inclined community.

The Biden Administration

So Biden and Harris were declared to have won the 2020 election, and we wait to see how that will work out, concerning Israel.

It is troubling that Biden started off his presidency with an unprecedented rush of presidential executive actions to undo Trump policies. Many of these are domestic issues like abortion and gender, but how far will they go in undoing Trump's progress in the Middle East ?

Their hopes of moving the US embassy back to Tel Aviv appear to have been dealt a death blow, but they are busy restoring aid money to the Palestinian Authority that they use to reward terrorist murderers. Meeting with Palestinians was higher priority than meeting PM Netanyahu and they appear committed to the same old "Two State" peace process that has achieved nothing good over so many blood soaked years.

They also appear to be heading back to the Iran Deal, that Iran never signed and has steadfastly ignored. This would appear likely to result in Israel having to act alone against Iran and doing it against American wishes. How will this play out ? Could it trigger the Gog Magog War (Iran being Persia) ?

Updated 06/02/21

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