See how my enemies have increased and how fiercely they hate me! Psalm 25 v19

Public Opinion of Israel

If you don’t read a newspaper, you are ill informed. If you do read a newspaper, you are mis-informed. - - Mark Twain

There are some ideas that are so wrong that only a highly intelligent person could believe them. - - George Orwell.

Your worldview is formed by the newspaper you read. You read the newspaper that supports your worldview. - - Wildolive.

The same is true of the web sites you search out, but not of the television channels you watch, because they are predominantly of the same worldview (liberal, left of centre)

Does Public Opinion matter?

If it did not, Israel's enemies would not be putting so much effort into every possible forum.

The actions of a democratic world power are controlled by the beliefs of the majority of its citizens,

The actions of non democratic nations are tempered by opposition or otherwise of major democratic nations.

The United Nations is a democracy (with all the worst features) reaching a consensus among the democratic leaders and the despots.

The public does not just have its opinion formed when the man in the street decides to devote some time to understanding what is happening. His opinion is being formed by every "news" item he sees or hears, and by every impression implanted by entertainment and every life experience.

The Church is similarly influenced, unless its members are informing their opinions by reading their Bibles properly. Happily, our God is not a democracy He allows his actions to be influenced by the prayers of His people. Whilst He will not act against his will and purposes, He will not receive the prayers He wants to implement his will if our adversary has persuaded many Christians to be praying for the wrong thing. (Including praying for the success of Israel's enemies)

Many Anti-Semites, and Anti-Zionists, believe that the Jews control the USA and thus the world. But it is reckoned that the Jews of the USA are generally Democrats and thus support the party/potential president less likely to support Israel when the going gets tough. If the primary loyalty of the Jews in USA was to Israel, they would have made Alyiah by now!

How do the above work out in practice?

These depressing facts will prevail unless some external, correcting input is available to break into the cycle, and apart from God’s intervention there appears to be little chance of an absolute corrective being applied to our worldview. Indeed, sadly, many Christians are immune to such a corrective because they filter their reading of the Bible (if any) through their cultural, political worldview rather than the other way around.

Thus, since the place of Israel in the world is crucial to God’s purposes as this age draws to a close, public opinion is a battleground in the seen and the unseen realms. Israel’s enemies are not just newspaper editors, but Satan himself. Consider this; if Allah and the Islamic nations succeed in destroying Israel they will prove the God of the Jews and the Christians to be a liar, since he made "forever" promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He is unable to keep. Furthermore, Jesus will not be able to return to Israel when the Jews call him home; (Matthew 23 v39) He will have to play second fiddle to the Mahdi as in Islamic Eschatology!

A closed loop functioning of Public Opinion - Opposition to Israel.

Anti-Semitism results in many horrors, the worst being the Holocaust, and almost nobody wants to be thought Anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism has metamorphosed into Anti-Zionism, by branding Zionism as an imperialist oppressor of a victim race. This becomes, in practice, Anti-Israelism since Israel is the state that is the outcome of Zionism. Anti-Israelism results in hostility to the Jews in every nation where they live. This is Anti-Semitism.

The connection between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism was identified in a TV documentary made by journalist Richard Littlejohn, entitled “The War on Britain’s Jews.” This is/was posted on YouTube.

Littlejohn found many disturbing trends in British society resulting in a proven rise in anti-Semitic attitudes and attacks. The final conclusion of this documentary was that it is unacceptable that Britain’s Jews should be made to suffer for the actions of the state of Israel – accepting unquestioningly all the assertions made by Israel’s enemies.

The position of wildolive is that this conclusion was most unfortunate in stopping short of seeking out whether what is believed to be happening in Israel bears any relation to the truth. This is crucial, since the documentary pinpointed this widespread belief as the reason for hostility to Britain’s Jews. The responsibility for the rise in Anti-Semitic attacks in Britain rests on those who are generating and propagating lies or distortions about Israel’s conduct of the conflict with Palestinian terrorists.

If one looks at the rise of Hitler’s Third Reich and his Final Solution, the initial stages were all about shaping public opinion to believe that the Jews were the reason for all the ills afflicting Germany. Surely what is happening today should be a serious cause for concern to any reasonable person; especially to the Bible believing Christian. It is not terribly important what a few on the left and right political extremes believe, but it is vitally important what the chattering classes and those in the political middle ground believe. Sadly, many of these people form their opinions from left/liberal sources like the Guardian and the BBC. See Media Bias

Public Opinion forming devices used against The Jews/Israel.

The Blood Libel

The story of how Jews kill innocent Gentiles to use their blood in the preparation of Passover matzah grew from the story that Jews had murdered a Gentile child. The story was proved to be untrue but proved so effective in stirring up hatred against Jews that it is still being reworked. See Blood Libel

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Perhaps the first conspiracy theory, this work purported to be the Jewish plan to control the world. Being a conspiracy theory, it reuses to die however many historians prove it to be a forgery. Anti-Semites still believe in the existence of such a plan; if not the document itself.

The United Nations

The United Nations allowed its "World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance" Durban 1 and Durban 2 to be used as a vehicle for racism against Israel/the Jews.

"The Talmud commands Jews to lie to non Jews"

In 2007 the BBC was refusing to remove a posting from its radio 4 web site which read,

"Zionism is a racist ideology where jews[sic] are given supremacy over all other races and faiths. This is found in the Talmud. There is a law called Baba Mezia which allows jews to lie as long as it is to non-jews. Many pro jewish supporters will cringe at this being exposed because they know it exists, yet they keep quiet about it......The law of Baba Mezia!! Tsk tsk tsk! It's in the Talmud"
This was posted by someone calling himself "Iron Naz" . The BBC said "We have decided that it does not contravene the House rules and are going to leave it on the site."

The above libel comes from the classic anti-Semitic publication, "The Talmud Unmasked" by 19th century Father Justin Praniatis. Praniatis argued that the Talmud advocated ritual murder, but he was revealed by Jewish and Christian scholars to be a charlatan with no knowledge of the Talmud. The book was popularised in the UK in the 1990s in mass mailings by dowager Lady Jane Birdwood. She was eventually convicted of distributing "threatening, abusive and insulting material."

"Israel is a military, Imperialist oppressor."

This line of thought benefits from the same type of conspiracy theory as the above. All of Israel’s wars, and all of the security operations in between have been defensive. The wars were launched by vastly superior armies in order to wipe out Israel and slaughter the Jews. The “Intifada” uprisings and ongoing terrorist activities are launched by people posing as downtrodden weak and oppressed, but actually armed and financed by Arab+Islamic states many times more powerful than Israel

The Israel Defence Forces are portrayed as violent religious fanatics slaughtering innocent unarmed Palestinian civilians. Linked with this is the idea that the Israelis are justifying their violence in terms of their religion; Judaism. This idea connects to the "Old Testament" stories in which Israel is commanded to wipe out nations in Canaan, which modern day folk find so hard to swallow.

The Official Doctrine Statement of the IDF defines purity of arms in these terms: “The IDF servicemen and women will use their weapons and force only for the purpose of their mission, only to the necessary extent and will maintain their humanity even during combat. IDF soldiers will not use their weapons and force to harm human beings who are not combatants or prisoners of war, and will do all in their power to avoid causing harm to their lives, bodies, dignity and property.

The IDF doctrine statement is not per se, a religious document. Nevertheless, it commands broad acceptance among the religious. The religious basis was forcefully articulated by Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren (1917-1994), who had served in the IDF as both paratrooper and chief chaplain:

“Human life is undoubtedly a supreme value in Judaism, as expressed both in the Halakha and the prophetic ethic. This refers not only to Jews, but to all men created in the image of God.”

“We see that God has compassion for the life of idolaters and finds it difficult to destroy them. Since we are enjoined to imitate the moral qualities of God, we too should not rejoice over the destruction of the enemies of Israel.”

Compare the above view of operation of the IDF with the practice and pronouncements of the Palestinians to see how spurious is the case against the IDF as a brutal oppressor.

Political Opinion Forming

Clearly, a large swathe of middle class / intelligentsia / academia / chattering classes (as they are variously known in UK) is informed by a soft left wing, liberal or socialist worldview. This manifests in Green, Eco, anti-globalisation agenda and somehow Israel comes to be an enemy even though it is the only democracy in the Middle East, is an Eco pioneer and is the lone victim of surrounding fascist regimes. How can this be?


Ken Livingstone, the Trotskyite mayor of London until 2008, welcomed prominent Islamist Yusuf al-Qaradawi.
Communists are atheists and leftists are secular.

Islamists execute atheists and enforce religious law.

The Left champions sexual and reproductive freedoms, gay rights, freedom from religion, pornography, various forms of artistic transgression, and pacifism. Islam opposes all these things.

How can they be working together? Where is the Right-Left connection?

Daniel Pipes recently provided a very helpful explanation. July 14, 2008 - (excerpts below)

British politician George Galloway explains, "the progressive movement around the world and the Muslims have the same enemies," namely Western civilization in general and the United States, Great Britain, and Israel in particular, plus Jews, believing Christians, and international capitalists. His Respect Party amalgamates radical international socialism with Islamist ideology.

The two sides share some political goals. A mammoth 2003 joint demonstration in London to oppose war against Saddam Hussein symbolically forged their alliance.

Both sides want coalition forces to lose in Iraq, the War on Terror to be closed down, anti-Americanism to spread, and the elimination of Israel.

They cooperate on these goals at meetings such as the annual Cairo Anti-War Conference, which brings leftists and Islamists together to forge "an international alliance against imperialism and Zionism."

Islamists and leftists can achieve more together than they can separately. In Great Britain, they jointly formed the Stop the War Coalition, whose steering committee includes representation from such organizations as the Communist party of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain.

Islamists benefit from the access, legitimacy, skills, and firepower the Left provides them. Cherie Booth, wife of then-prime minister Tony Blair, argued a case at the appellate-court level to help a girl, Shabina Begum, wear the jilbab, an Islamic garment, to a British school.

The practical benefits of working together are enough to compensate for the differences.

The Apartheid Argument

One of many posters accusing Israel of apartheidIsrael is accused of having an Apartheid policy against the Palestinian people.   This is invalid because the Apartheid policy in South Africa was a policy that discriminated on grounds of race within the population of that nation.   There were separate toilets for "whites" and "non-whites" and a general discrimination against a lower species.   If you visit Israel you will see Arabs and Jews coexisting.   Outside the cities, the villages tend to be Jewish, Arab, Christian or Druze, but this appears to be custom and practice; there is no imposed segregation.   See Apartheid for a full comparison.

All citizens of Israel have the same rights whether they are Jew or Arab.   All can vote, all can stand for election in local elections and for Knesset seats.  There are several Arab MKs.

Unfortunately, the need to prevent Arab terrorists attacking Jewish targets has necessitated security controls.   The controls applied to Palestinians are applied only in an attempt to protect the population from terrorist attacks.  Palestinians are inconvenienced by these because they are not Israeli citizens but come from Jordan or some other Arab state.

The use of this argument to blacken Israel is the same as the popular device of likening people or governments to Nazis or to Adolf Hitler.  This is just an insulting adjective. 

Sadly for this campaign, boycotting Israel hits the Palestinians as well as the Jewish Israelis.

This campaign is being stepped up

In the UK, Waitrose and Wm Morrison, two of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, will be the targets of a co-ordinated boycott campaign by groups protesting against the sale of Israeli goods, according tp Daily Telegraph Business Supplement. James Hall 03 Nov 2009

A “week of action” is being supported by a raft of organisations, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, a group whose patrons include former MP Tony Benn and the actress Julie Christie. Proposed actions that could disrupt trading include demonstrations outside stores and a mass phone-in next Wednesday, when protesters are urged to “inundate” the chains’ head offices with phone calls.

The week of action – which runs from November 7 to 15 – has been called by a group called the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. It is aimed at Waitrose and Morrisons as they are alleged to sell goods from Israeli settlements in the West Bank. On Friday November 13, a picket will be held outside Morrisons’ Bradford head office. The email address of Marc Bolland, chief executive, has been distributed to campaigners. Organisers said: “It is time to step up the supermarket boycott. We specially oppose the stocking of produce from the Israeli settlements in the occupied West bank.”

A spokesman for Morrisons said: “We source from a wide range of suppliers around the world to provide customers with the best possible choice of fresh produce throughout the year. We believe in freedom of choice, and clearly label our food to let customers make informed choices.” A Waitrose spokesman said that the chain sells a “small selection” of herbs grown in the West Bank, such as organic mint. These are grown in two Israeli-owned farms, where Israeli and Palestinian workers are employed side-by-side. “We are not motivated by politics. We label the products as West Bank so customers can make an informed decision,” said the spokesman

However there is a fight back.

You can do something positive, not like these sour faced , hate filled lefties. 

You can Buycott Israel

Interestingly, the only apartheid in Israel is that applied at checkpoints. Palestinians are allowed into Israel (after security checks) but Jewish Israelis are not allowed into Palestinian controlled territories in any circumstances.

Google Earth - Replacement Geography

Google Earth is being used to create a falsification of history.

Many of the claims staked out in Google Earth present misinformation, and sites known to be ruins in 1946 are claimed to be villages destroyed in 1948. Arab villages which still exist today are listed as sites of destruction.

The core layer of Google Earth should be ideology free and not Serve as a platform for indoctrination or a campaign to wipe Israel off the virtual map.

See fuller explanation about Google Earth

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