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On Mount Precipice, Nazareth, with Mount Tabor in the background

On Mount Precipice, Nazareth, with Mount Tabor in the background

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It is www.wildolive.co.uk and it is all about how we Christians are rooted into God through Israel and the Jews.

Wildolive starts from the Apostle Paul's teaching  in his letter to the Romans and goes on to look how we are grafted into Israel and all that means for us.   It explains all the feasts that the LORD gave His people, that the Jews still celebrate, and shows how rich their meaning is for us.   Since we are grafted into Israel and await the fulfilment of Bible prophecy the web site explores the role of Israel, looking at what is happening to Israel today.   Church History and the Holocaust are also visited in order to see the present in context.  

Wildolive has lists of books and other media for further reading, and a huge list of Internet hyperlinks to follow up what God is doing concerning Israel and us.   The pages are illustrated with original colour photographs taken in the land and there are audio clips of blessings and music.

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