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The "Road Map"

The Road Map(s), and the Quartet no longer have any relevance, except that the history of such initiatives continue to affect the present. For background to Roadmaps see Oslo Accords

Where to now with the Roadmap?

The roadmap is dead and buried with the arrival of President Donald Trump's administration's peace plan.

The last Roadmap, like every previous failed peace initiative, has left a legacy of damage for Israel, both in terms of terror attacks as well as weakening of their bargaining position and the world perception of Israel's validity. Therefore understanding of this roadmap, and Palestinian refusal to take even the first steps, is important, as the world moves on to whatever Roadmap the future might bring.

Future peace initiatives may well take the original Roadmap as a starting point. More likely jumping to the latter stages while ignoring the Palestinians' non compliance with stage 1. But the Trump administration's plan appears not to have done this.

In September 2011 -there was the shadow of a Unilateral Palestinian state


The Roadmap as originated

In February 2003, the world superpowers were working hard on dividing up Israel's covenant land.  (see Land )  The Quartet plans to implement the so-called the "Road Map".

This Quartet comprised the USA,  the EU, the UN and Russia.

You may ask why the Quartet did not Include Israel but included two organisations hostile to Israel and one longstanding enemy of Israel. You may also ponder who appointed the Quartet to judge Israel.

Sadly, the quartet appeared to set itself against God.  At their July 2002 meeting they stated,  "The Quartet remains committed to implementing the vision of two states, Israel and  . . . Palestine . . .  The Quartet calls on Israel to take concrete steps to support the emergence of a viable Palestinian state . . .  The Quartet reaffirms that  . . .  the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 must end  . . . "

Joel 3 v1-3 says, "In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.  There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.

On September 17th 2002 the Quartet stated, 
" The Quartet is working closely . . . on a concrete, three phase implementation roadmap that would achieve a final settlement within three years . . .  to be monitored and assessed by the Quartet . . .  The plan will contain in its initial phase (2002-first half 2003)  . . . Israeli withdrawals . . . In the plan's second phase (2003), our efforts should focus on the option of creating a Palestinian state with provisional borders  . .  In its final phase (2004-2005)  . . .  Consistent with the vision expressed by President Bush, this means that the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 will be ended through  . . . Israeli withdrawals to secure and recognized borders."

The Road Map

Phase Target date Requirement of Palestinians Requirement of Israelis
1 May 2003 Effectively fighting terror, disarming and dismantling Palestinian terrorist groups, preventing violent demonstrations and totally halting incitement in the broadcast and print media, and in schools.

Rebuilding public services, restoring the rule of law and holding parliamentary elections.

Bringing order to the Palestinian security forces, and cutting them from 12 agencies to 3.

A gradual withdrawal from all Palestinian territory occupied after the fighting erupted in September 2000.

A freeze on settlement activity, including new construction and natural growth.

Immediate evacuation of all illegal settlement outposts.

2 December 2003 A provisional Palestinian state with preliminary borders will be established.

Israeli troops will withdraw from additional territory.

The Quartet will oversee recognition of the new Palestinian state at the UN.

Egypt and Jordan will restore diplomatic ties with Israel to the level they were before fighting erupted.

3 December 2005 An international committee will hammer out a final peace agreement on the thorniest "final status" issues - Jerusalem, the "right of return" of Palestinian refugees and Jewish settlements.

New negotiations among Israel Syria and Lebanon will begin.

Final result: creation of an independent Palestinian state under a treaty that will end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

For the full text, see

Looking at the above overview of the "Road Map", it is very clear that it offered no more to Israel than the illusory "Land for Peace" deals of Oslo.   The sacrifices are all on Israel's side and the benefits all on the Palestinians side. Consider the teachings of Islam and the culture of hatred and death in the Palestinian areas, and you will realise that the Palestinians can never give the "peace" they offer in exchange for land.


Following Annapolis at the end of 2007, a new threat to Israel emerged!

Out of seemingly nowhere, White House deputy press secretary, Dana Perino informed journalists at a press briefing on November 28, 2007 that "The right of return issue is a part of the road map and it's going to be one of the issues that the Israelis and the Palestinians have to talk about during … negotiations."

( The Right of Return, if conceded as proposed by the Palestinians would destroy Israel demographically by using its own democracy. It had been supposed that the U.S. Government understood this. )

It appears that the Bush administration skipped Phases 1 and 2 of the Roadmap and jumped straight into Phase 3, while in denial about the Palestinians having made no moves towards compliance with their part of Phase 1.

Since those optimistic days when the RoadMap was launched.........

The Palestinian terrorist organizations worked together for more effective terror strikes and  vowed defiance of their Prime Minister's attempts to fight terror.   Prime Minister Abbas said he would seek to persuade terror groups to accept a cease fire (see Hudna under Islam ) and made it clear he would not force disarmament of terror groups.   He is is sticking firmly to his "right of return" demand.  

The hope that a better Palestinian leader would emerge brought forth bland statements from European leaders about geting the "roadmap" back on track. Mahmoud Abbas was branded as the new moderate leader, even though he was a partner of Arafat in several terror outrages - The west also cheerfully calls him Abu Mazen, without realising that this is his nom de guerre (war name).

"Moderate" prime minister Mahmoud Abbas also restated his holocaust denial statements from his doctoral dissertation that

"Fewer than a million Jews were killed by  the Nazis", and that "the Zionists created the myth of 6,000,000 to force the world to accept the state of Israel."

There has been no attempt to disarm Palestinian terrorist groups, prevent violent demonstrations nor to halt incitement in the broadcast and print media, and in schools.

Hamas Terror chief Abdel Aziz Rantisi  said, "Failure to release all prisoners will be a major violation of the truce and lead to its annulment."   and the International media began criticizing Israel for jeopardizing the chance for peace.    A look at the requirements of the Roadmap above  will show that the  release of prisoners is not a condition.  

Israel pulled out of Gaza (Every Jew; living or dead - except for Gilad Shalit who was seized in 2006 and is still (June 2009) held hostage. Hamas turned Gaza into a "Hamastan" terror camp and is bombarding the southern Israel town of Sderot with rockets on a daily basis.

Hizballah (Supported by Syria and Iran, and tolerated by Lebanon, started the Summer 2006 war by seizing two IDF soldiers (still held 2007) and unleashing rockets on Northern Israel. This war ended inconclusively and Hizballah has been rearming ever since, with no hindrance from the U.N.

Israel carried out a bombing mission in Syria on what was eventually admitted to be a nuclear weapons site sponsored by North Korea and encouraged by Iran.

Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons and tell anyone who will listen that they intends to use them to wipe Israel off the map. US Intelligence report undermined diplomatic and military chances of stopping Iran going Nuclear.

In Summer 2008 Russia invaded Georgia in defiance of the world and is moving towards a new Cold War with the west. Russia is backing and supplying Israel's enemies and threatening to escalate the process because Israel had supplied arms to Georgia. Russia moved a warship into the Mediterranean and sought to establish a base in Syria.



Dividing Jerusalem became a priority in 2007


Watch out for future Roadmaps on the News, and remember what they mean.   Consider also Disasters .

The Quartet's road map has nothing in common with God's Isaiah 19 highway..  



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