Now a man came up to Jesus and asked, "Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?" Matthew 19:16

This is the deal  -  getting saved

We have looked at all the things Jesus can save you from.   He has done it for many, many people.   He said he could do it for you and he said he wanted to, but it depends on you to ask.

You must want him to sort you out, and you must believe that he will, if you are going to ask him.   This is why he always checked out a personís faith when they came to him.

He wants to sort out not just the worst problem in your life but the whole of your life.  He told the parable about a man who realized he was in a mess with a demon in his life, and he got it thrown out.   But, unfortunately, that was all he did.   The demon went away and found more, worse than himself and came back with them.   Finding his old home all swept out, the demon and his new friends moved in, and the man was worse off than before.

When Jesus sorts out your life he wants to do the job properly.   He will clear out all the wrong stuff, but he will replace it with the right stuff.    He told his disciples he would never leave them, even though he went up into heaven.   What he did was to send his Spirit into their lives to give them power, lead them to live the right way and to understand his teachings.

The bottom line is this

Jesus wants to save you from all your problems,  not just fix one problem and leave you to carry on as before.    Jesus wants to fix your whole life.   You must acknowledge your need of him and hand over control to him.    Then you will be amazed what he can do. (Not necessarily all at once, in a flash, but continuously, for the rest of your life on earth.)

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