Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Threads that run through the Bible

The weaver's house, Nazareth Village Looking at the whole Bible with the perspective of its oneness and the fact that the Old and New Testaments come from the same God and explain his one plan for the world and salvation, the continuity of themes from beginning to end becomes clear. 

These themes are like the warps of woven fabric, through which are woven the wefts of time and history. 

These threads will ultimately reveal God's finished plan but even now we can see how they all climax in Yeshua the Messiah, the Image of the invisible God.

We will look at Light, Water, Glory, blood and finally, Jesus / Yeshua the Messiah.

All it needs is a good concordance and a heart open to the Holy Spirit's teaching.





The weaver's house, Nazareth Village


Genesis 1 v4  & 14 Creation of light -  four days before the sun and moon
Exodus 10 v20-23 Darkness plague for Egyptians (but not for Israelites)
Psalm 56 v13 walking before God in the Light of life.
Psalm 104 v1,2 God clothed in splendour and wrapped with light as a garment
Isaiah 9 v2 Messianic prophecy - "the people walking in darkness have seen a great light.
Isaiah 42 v6 Messianic (Servant) prophecy  -  . . . and a light for the Gentiles
Isaiah 60 v1 &19 The Glory of Zion (NIV heading) Arise, shine for your light has come . . . . Nations will come to your light.  Zion's light for the Nations)
Matthew 4 v15 Jesus fulfils Isaiah 9 - bringing light
Mark 15 v33 Light fails for 3 hours at the Crucifixion (not an eclipse - occurred at full moon and eclipses last less than an hour.)
Luke 2 v29-32 Simeon's prophetic words  ". . . for my eyes have seen your salvation (Yeshua) . . . a light for revelation to the Gentiles  . . and for glory to your people Israel.
John 1 v1-5 John's introduction to Jesus (the Word)  "The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it."
John 8 v12 Jesus - "I am the light of the world. . . .will have the light of life."   see Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles 
Acts 13 v47 Paul "I have made you a light for the Gentiles."
Rev 22 v5 "They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light."

Clearly light is much more than just electromagnetic radiation or photons produced by hot objects like our Sun.

The river in Gan Ha Shlosha park

Water - Rivers

Genesis 2 v10 a river watering the Garden
Psalm 1 v3 The believer "like a tree planted by water" - the essential for growth
Isaiah 32 v2 "Streams of water in the desert" - life giving in the midst of dryness
Jeremiah 17 v13 .....have abandoned YHVH, the source of Living water.
Jeremiah 2 v13 "Broken cisterns" - people who have forsaken God trusting their own resources 
Zechariah 14 v8 Prophecy of water from Jerusalem - see Revelation
Ezekiel 47 v1 Prophecy of Water from under threshold of Temple  . . fruit trees along banks
Hebrews 10 v22 Ref to Torah ritual - Entering most holy place .. washed with pure water
John 4 v10 Jesus offering "Living Water" to woman at well
John 7 v38 Jesus at Hosanna Rabba said, , "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him   **
Revelation 7 v17 The Lamb . . their  shepherd;  he will lead them to springs of living water.
Revelation 22 v1 "The river of the water of life" - note the echo of Genesis

Water is a major theme speaking of God's cleansing and life giving provision for his children.

**  see also Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles


Genesis No mention until Man had fallen.  Previously, man had a close  relationship with God.
Exodus 34 v29 Moses face radiant after spending time with God.
Exodus 40 34 The Glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle.  Moses could not enter.
2 Chronicles 7 v1 The Glory of the LORD filled the Temple.   Priests could not enter
Ezekiel 10 v18 The vision of the glory departing from the Temple (to the East)
Ezekiel 43 v4 Prophetic vision of the glory returning to the Temple.
Mark 2 v3 Jesus transfigured - dazzling - the glory that had been veiled, shone through
John 2 v11 re Jesus' miracles,  "He thus revealed his glory".
Revelation 21 v23 no need for Sun or Moon - the glory of God gives it light  (The Temple)

The Scarlet Thread

The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread, by Richard BookerThe most important thread running through scripture is that of blood.   

The blood covenant was and is the most binding form of agreement, and this is how God bound himself to redeem us.   

In this book Richard Booker traces this thread from God's covenant with Abraham, through the covenant of Moses to the fulfilment through the blood of Yeshua / Jesus.

This book shows just how important the "Old Testament" scriptures are to a full understanding of the gospel and our salvation.  (It also explains the basis of salvation for the Jew;  something that often escapes the Christian.)



Jesus - Yeshua


The most important thread is the person who appeared many times through the scriptures.

Asher Intrater's book, "WHO ATE LUNCH WITH ABRAHAM" probes the identity of the man who Abraham met. This is often thought to be an unimportant academic question, but it is not.

Was he a man, or an angel or himself ?

Follow Asher Intrater's research through the scriptures and you will see Yeshua the Messiah revealed in all his glory.





Why did Jesus call himself the good shepherd? He was referring to a thread running through scripture. Shepherds


The Tree of Life

The tree of life is mentioned in Genesis 3 and again in Revelation 22. What is the thread that connects these two extremities? It is LIFE.

Genesis 3:22 Adonai, God, said, "See, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil. Now, to prevent his putting out his hand and taking also from the tree of life, eating, and living forever—"

Revelation 22:2 Between the main street and the river was the Tree of Life producing twelve kinds of fruit, a different kind every month; and the leaves of the tree were for healing the nations—

In Genesis, man sinned by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and his eyes were opened. But as a consequence, as God had warned, it became certain that they would die. Sure enough, the laws of nature with which we are familiar came into play, causing us all to grow old and die. But notice that this ageing and death could have been prevented by the fruit from the tree of life - had God not barred them from the Garden.

But when we are resurrected and restored to God's perfect new earth, we will have access to the tree of life and not age and die. Halleluyah!

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, "A Geneticist's Perspective on the Tree of Life", Nehemia Gordon talks with Dawn Irion who studied genetics research and went from believing in evolution to creation science, about her perspective on The Tree of Life


The Jews' rejection of God and his Messiah

One of the difficult issues between Christians and (non Messianic) Jews - especially Paul's teaching in Romans.

Romans 11:7  What follows is that Isra'el has not attained the goal for which she is striving. The ones chosen have obtained it, but the rest have been made stonelike, just as the Tanakh says, "God has given them a spirit of dullness—eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear, right down to the present day."

So there is a thread going back through scripture.

John 9:39  Yeshua said (to the man born blind), "It is to judge that I came into this world, so that those who do not see might see, and those who do see might become blind."

It goes back to the latter part of Isaiah's commission

Isaiah 6:9  He said, "Go and tell this people: 'Yes, you hear, but you don't understand. You certainly see, but you don't get the point!' "Make the heart of this people fat, stop up their ears, and shut their eyes. Otherwise, seeing with their eyes, and hearing with their ears, then understanding with their hearts, they might repent and be healed!"

Going further back, this is remeniscent of Pharoah, who hardened his heart over the first few plagues, but then God hardened Pharoah's heart for him.

But this hardness of the Jews was not to be permanent. God's planning is for world salvation, and that involved the Jewish leaders rejecting and sacrificing the Lamb of God.

Romans 11:11  "In that case, I say, isn't it that they have stumbled with the result that they have permanently fallen away?" Heaven forbid! Quite the contrary, it is by means of their stumbling that the deliverance has come to the Gentiles, in order to provoke them to jealousy.


Repeated phrases through different narratives

It is very noticable in the teaching on the Hebrew Bible from AlefBeta, that there are clues to aid our understanding some stories where scripture uses the same expressions to highlight a link to another story, where we would not usually see a connection. Sadly, for those of us who do not read Hebrew, this will not necessarily work in translations of scripture.

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