But Moses said to God, "Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh ....." Exodus 3:11

What can I do? 

Seek to understand what is really going on in Israel ( and in the spiritual conflict over Israel), as opposed to the heavily slanted account of world events given in the media and apparently believed by our political leaders.  

Understand what God is doing in / with / through Israel - the land and the people.  Read Don Finto's book  (subtitled "How Israel, the Jews and the Christian Church will come together in the Last Days")   Be a part of this - don't miss out!

Remember Israel is the only western style democracy in the area, where journalists are free to use unfavourable news.   Seek to understand the real history of the area rather than the rewritten history which is so widely accepted.   


Why should I get involved ?

Paul told us to in his letter to the church in Rome. (Chapters 9 to 11 - the bit they don't teach in church)

Podcast studies here - Study Romans


(see Israel Now  Israel in Crisis and  Internet links  for alternative sources )

Complain to the media when it produces inaccurate, biased reports about Israel.

See  www.honestreporting.com (USA based)

Pages about making a stand  - snaps of the rally in London          and     the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem

You would be surprised what the little man can do

An example of Media bias concerning Israel.  At the end of September 2000 this picture appeared in newspapers around the world, with the Headlines like, "Four Palestinians killed by police at Temple Mount.  The caption under the picture read "An Israeli border policeman confronts a wounded Palestinian as a car burns in the background during yesterday's clashes in Jerusalem"   

I learned the truth when friends E-mailed me the letters sent to the Editor of the New York Times by the father and the uncle of the young man in the picture. He is not a "Palestinian" but a Jewish student from Chicago who had been ambushed by a mob of Palestinian Arabs while travelling in Jerusalem. He was pulled from a taxi, severely beaten and stabbed.  The Israeli soldier was not "confronting" the injured man but saving him from the mob.  

In my humble position as a support technician in a college for 16-18 year olds I was able to supply the cutting (from the London Daily Telegraph) and the background truth to the head of the Communication Studies department. Since then it has formed an influential part of the study material. The students find it an excellent example of how one can be deceived by a powerful image, and all find it memorable!


How to express your love ?

If you have a heart of love for Israel and Israelis but have no way of demonstrating it, what can you do?

If you can't be in Israel, how can you reach Israelis?

How about if Israelis come to you?

This may be what you need. - Hosting Israeli Tourists


 Pray for Israel.


Pray for the Jews, the children of Israel, all around the world who are returning home.  (Making Aliyah)

Pray for the Jews already in Eretz Israel (the land of Israel), all the groups from ultra orthodox to secular.  

Pray for the Messianic Jews, especially in Israel.  They are at the forefront of the battle for Israel but suffer oppression, particularly from the ultra orthodox.    Israel now has laws carrying a jail term for  those sharing their faith (if it is Messianic Jewish).   Nobody has yet been jailed.

Pray for those who are ministering in the name of Yeshua ha Massiach (Jesus the Messiah) to Jews in Israel and elsewhere.

Pray for Israel's government leaders having to deal with a hostile world and its ignorant leaders who hold naive notions of peace that fail to take into account the God of Israel and the god of Islam.  


Pray for the Arab people who live in Israel.  

Pray for the Palestinian Christians in their difficult circumstances.  They are persecuted by their Muslim neighbours, but are under pressure to show solidarity as Palestinians.  (Terrorists like to take over their homes and churches to snipe at Jewish targets, so that returned fire on Christian homes can be shown to the world)

Pray for the Israeli Arabs who are also in difficult circumstances, in that they want to be under Israeli government rather than the corruption and terror of the Palestine Authority.    Some Israeli Arabs have recently been drawn in to the conflict on the Palestinian side.

Pray for the Muslim Palestinian people, under such bondage to their leaders that many young people have been so mislead that they are prepared to blow themselves to pieces in the hope of taking some Jews with them.

Pray for other minority people, like the Druze and others from Southern Lebanon; and for those who minister to them.

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem"  (Psalm 122 v6)   This can be a bit of a cliche if taken in the context of the type of false, political peace which is being sought by world leaders.   "They have also healed the hurt of my people slightly saying,  "Peace, Peace" when there is no peace."  (Jeremiah 6 v14)   There is more to this than the obvious desire for peace. . ..  see  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

"Christian Friends of Israel" can help you pray.  (Click  www.cfijerusalem.org)

Pray for the Arab people worldwide who live in bondage to Islam.    Pray that they may be released from the indoctrination of hatred against the God of Israel and His chosen people, so that they may share in His blessing  (Isaiah 19 v23-25) instead of His judgment.

Pray for our governments.  Europe, especially, appears to be aligning itself more with the Palestinian regime,  both politically and financially.

Pray for the unsaved in your own land

Everything we see about Israel points to the "Times of the Gentiles" drawing to a close;  our time to see our neighbours brought into the Kingdom may be much shorter than we or they imagine.   (See End Times )

Support organisations working in Israel

such as International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Exobus, etc.   ( See Internet links,)

If you are led to give financial aid to the suffering Jews in Israel;   ,  ministers to believers and unbelievers to help the orphans, the widows, the poor and the oppressed. They reach out financially to the survivors among the growing number of victims in Israel killed and maimed literally every day since October 2000.   The Jewish people need to know that there are followers of Israel’s Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) – both Jew and Gentile, who love them, pray for them, and want to help them in a practical way.   

This organization is to be preferred to a similarly named  organization which, though worthy in many ways, passes on no aid to  Messianic believers and actually oppresses them. 

You might  be surprised that "Christian Aid" and some other Christian charities have a worldview rooted in Replacement Theology and Anti-Semitism.  If you read the Christian Aid policy document on the Middle East you will find that the rhetoric is all derived from the Palestine Authority propaganda, and that their efforts in this area are political pressure against Israel rather than berating the Palestine Authority leaders for misappropriating all the EU and USA aid money and for leading their people into the conflict which is causing them so much suffering.  The Christian Aid output on Israel is all in terms of the "Occupied Palestinian Territories", which is demonstrably untrue.   (see  Land and Christians Against Israel)


this picture is free for download and use on E-mails etc, as long as it is not cut or altered.Keep well informed

Use the   Internet links for Christians interested in Israel

Subscribe to a periodical such as israel today or the Jerusalem Post Christian Edition , which covers current events in Israel from a biblical perspective.    Make the Jerusalem Post website your browser default page so you get a quick check of events in Israel every time you go online.  Or get Internet or E-mail news updates.   (See Internet page)

Learn about the Jewish feasts.        (click  feasts   or books)


Go and get involved

Look at our snaps of our day out in London's Trafalgar Square

Look at our snaps of our trip to the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem.  

(You can go to the next feast in September /October) (see The Jewish Calendar)

Seek opportunities to meet and learn from Jews living near you.  (Try the "Council of Christians and Jews"  in UK)        via   Internet links

Look out for Jewish museums.   (There is one in Camden Town in London)   

Visit a Holocaust museum, if possible.   (there is a new one in Imperial War Museum - London)   Click the logo (left) to visit the Yad Vashem website.  ( See also Holocaust and Yad Vashem)


Visit Israel and mix with the people; rather than being shepherded around a lot of churches and shrines, on a  package tour.    The Israel Tourist Office can help with advice, ideas and leaflets.    https://new.goisrael.com


Boycotts against Israel

In the UK, Waitrose and Wm Morrison, two of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, will be the targets of a co-ordinated boycott campaign by groups protesting against the sale of Israeli goods. A “week of action” is being supported by a raft of organisations, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, a group whose patrons include former MP Tony Benn and the actress Julie Christie. Proposed actions that could disrupt trading include demonstrations outside stores and a mass phone-in next Wednesday, when protesters are urged to “inundate” the chains’ head offices with phone calls.

You can do something positive; the Buycott Israel campaign. 

Seek out Israeli goods to buy - spite the boycott.



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