Those who hate me without reason outnumber the hairs of my head; many are my enemies without cause, those who seek to destroy me. I am forced to restore what I did not steal. . Psalm 69:4

Who hates Israel ?

Demonstration at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv

Demonstration by international activists at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv

And Why


The categories mentioned below are necessarily broad and will overlap in many cases.

The word “hate” in its most literal sense may be a bit strong for some of the groups mentioned.

Anti Semites

Anti Semitic people hate Israel because they hate the Jews and everything Jewish, so the rest is obvious. Anti-Israelism is the politically correct face of anti-Semitism.


(With notable exceptions) because of thousands of years of rivalry and training. Seeing what is broadcast by the Arab media, especially what is provided for children, it is not surprising that Arab children grow up to be haters of Israel.


Islam can reasonably be said to be an Arab religion that is spreading worldwide. Its Arab roots are clear in the words of their prophet (Qur’an and Hadith). Contempt for the Jews and claims that the land belongs to Islam are found throughout the writings, excepting items from the prophet’s earlier, abrogated, teachings that speak with respect of the “people of the book.


Obviously there are shades of opinion across the political spectrum, but most politicians seeking power will find that they need to take a “standard” view on Israel and fall in with the standard worldview of the media.

In the UK it is interesting to notice that all three major political parties each have their own (Conservative/Labour/Liberal Democrat) Friends of Israel group. Indeed the wording of their mission statements sounds remarkably similar, as did their position statements. They all claim to be friends of Israel but accept the standard BBC picture of Israel and will readily criticise their friend Israel without hearing Israel’s side of the story. (This may be unfair on many MPs but is my, limited, experience.

Left wing, Marxists etc

Marxist, socialist ideology appears to dictate that the underdog is always right and the ruling, non socialists are always in the wrong. Thus Israel’s efficient and successful government and defence forces are conveniently painted as Goliath threatening tiny, vulnerable David; the Palestinians. The enormous (Pan Arab/Islamic) forces arrayed behind the Palestinian youth confronting an IDF soldier/tank etc are completely ignored.

See -

Israel’s “ New Historians” tend to enjoy digging up and publishing material that damages Israel. Ilan Pappe is the most anti-Israel and has been criticised by his colleagues, but he is unrepentant, saying that he is driven by his Marxist ideology rather than History.

Right wing (Fascists)

The Fascists of World War II murdered 6,000,000 Jews before they were stopped and there are still plenty of right wing activists around who mourn Hitler’s failure to complete the annihilation of the Jews and would like to finish the job. At the same time, many fascists are keen Holocaust deniers.

It is strange that the primary target of many right wing parties, at the moment, is the (largely Muslim) immigrants while the Islamists that they are concerned about are also fascists. It is unfortunate that the only political party that even attempts to address the Islamofascist takeover under way in Britain is the fascist BNP. It is too easy for the mainstream politicians and the media to label anyone ( like Geert Wilders ) who raises alarm about Islamofascism as a Nazi or a racist.

The collaboration between Fascists and communists/socialists against Israel is curious, but Daniel Pipes has pointed out the reasons.


Newspapers obviously speak from a standpoint somewhere across the political spectrum and the views expressed on Israel and its conflict with the Palestinians will reflect their position. Unfortunately this works out in practice as printing a “truth” that is selected to suit their position, obtained from sources that provide what they want to say.

Broadcasters will tend to do the same, except that a national service broadcaster such as the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) should be expected to be factual and impartial. Clearly, the BBC has been failing in this regard for some time now; especially regarding Israel. An organisation that started with Lord Reith providing a Christian service to the nation has become liberal and humanistic in its outlook and the makeup of its opinion forming workforce. All the TV broadcasters can be seen dumbing down their news coverage from facts and analysis to emotional response and melodrama. “If it bleeds; it leads” is a policy that the enemies of Israel have learned to manipulate.


University activists have attempted several academic boycotts of Israeli universities, etc. Clearly, this is not in the true spirit of academic debate and the pressure has been conducted in the most violent manner. (including anti-Semitic abuse of Jewish students and violent disruption of meetings. Left wing politics exerts an unhealthy majority in many western schools, colleges and universities. This is a particularly important battleground since university is where many future leaders develop their worldview.

Campus against Israel

Economic boycotts

Calls for economic boycotts of Israeli goods come from academia – out of their ivory tower, left wing, pro-Palestinian picture of events. Many economic campaigns charge Israel with being an Apartheid state.

Church denominations also call for divestment – withdrawing all funds invested in any organisation investing pr having links with Israel.

Trades Unions

Many trade Unions have a built in bias against Israel, as long as Israel can be represented as an oppressive regime that fits standard union demonology. Happily, there have been instances of union members who have been bothered to find out the truth and stand up and declare it; defusing trade unions taking action against Israel.



it is clear that a Jewish state within territory that Islam claims to own is an affront to Muslims, which is why the PA (ex PLO) and Hamas charters call for the destruction of Israel. Everything else is just chatter and negotiating ploys.


There should not be a problem here since Jesus lived in Israel as a Jew (OK Judea and Samaria and Galilee, under Roman occupation) and he made it clear that after the prophesied calamity that was coming on the land there would be a restoration; that he will return to Israel to establish his Messianic kingdom.

Unfortunately , church history saw Christians adopting Greek philosophy and rejecting its Jewish roots, and consequently becoming anti-Semitic and persecuting the Jews. If the Church has become “ the New Israel, there is no place in its heart or its theology for the original, physical, literal Israel.

Many teach Supercessionism / Replacement Theology and accept all the anti Zionist slanders because they do not accept that Israel has any right to exist in God's plans.


This sounds crazy, but there are plenty of liberal Jews in the USA and elsewhere who are embarrassed by Israel and would rather join in condemning Israel than stand up and risk condemnation of being associated with the alleged wrongdoings of the state of Israel. If the Diaspora Jews identified with the reborn state of Israel they would make aliyah and no longer be Diaspora Jews. This is harsh, but there are various Jewish groups that are against Israel for various reasons, whether a theological belief that Israel should only be established by the Messiah when he comes or a liberal / socialist “human rights” perspective that accepts the narrative supplied by Israel’s enemies.


There are charities that would say they grew out of a “Christian” concern to help the needy, that have become politically liberal instead of Christian. Christian Aid is a prime example and still trades on the brand loyalty of Christians whilst adopting a leftist political take on world conflicts including Israel. Christian Aid and the Amos Trust suit both liberal and Replacement Theology Christians.


Non Governmental Organisations

It is not clear where charities end and NGOs begin, but Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other organisations started life with high moral drives to end gross abuses such as the Gulags of the USSR but became large organisations that had to expand and diversify in order to maintain their position in the marketplace and pay their executives. Israel has been the unfortunate replacement for genuine villains.

The Red Cross (ICRC) is a similar case, and has often proved eager to condemn Israel whilst overlooking the transgressions of Israel’s enemies.

Breaking the Silence supplied libellous accounts of IDF conduct during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza that were lapped up by the BBC and British media. But Breaking the Silence is an NGO that is funded by the British (and other) government.

Multifaith / Interfaith forums

There is a tendency for such gatherings to seek common ground and play down differences. Also, they tend to attract only those holding acceptable, middle of the road worldviews. Any support for Israel would be hushed up by Christians and Jews whilst Muslims tend to be more up front with criticism of Israel than the Jews and Christians (for reasons stated above) who will accept the anti-Israel stories at face value.

Human Rights Groups - International Courts

A bit like the NGOs, “Human Rights” has become a growth industry that is hugely profitable to many lawyers and will take up any case that can be fashioned to fit its remit. “Human Rights” is an umbrella that is unable or unwilling to apply discernment about what is a genuine abuse of human rights and what has been manipulated to sound like human rights issue. Also, “Human Rights becomes meaningless when divorced from Human Responsibilities.

It is noticeable that there are Human rights groups among Jews and in Israel concerned with the situation of Palestinians (as presented) but no human rights groups in Arab nations concerned about the Jews/Israelis.

Sadly, organisations such as Jews for Human Rights, b’tselem are, in their zeal, undermining Israel’s legitimacy by circulating uncritically the complaints from Palestinians.

Lawfare is being practiced against Israelis through International courts by bringing preposterous charges against individual political and military leaders. While nobody has yet been successfully been prosecuted by this route, the disruption and curtailment of legitimate travel and activity could be crippling


Updated 22/06/10

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