Yeshua said to him, "If I want him to stay on until I come, what is it to you? You follow me!" John 21:22

Trusting in Yeshua ha Mashiach

For a Jew who is coming to believe that Yeshua from Nazareth is alive and is the Messiah.

Dear Jewish friend

This page is offered with great diffidence, on a Gentile Christian web site, not to make you into a Gentile Christian but to help you in your quest for your Messiah. This page is here in order to avoid leaving a blank where this topic should be covered, but the author is not Jewish and is sure that Jewish believers in Yeshua would be better able to help. Wildolive acknowledges that the covenants are yours, as are the promises and the patriarchs and the heritage. If this page helps, I will be delighted and humbled


Yeshua said, "Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it".     If you have decided to give up trusting in your own righteousness and  live in dependence on him as your Messiah,  Adonai Tzidkenu (Jeremiah 33 v15-16), you have found that gate.    You can make a new start and live a new life.    Yeshua can give you the power to really live the Torah; to live a better life.       At the Judgment, which all must face, you will have his righteousness reckoned to your credit.    As in the days before Yeshua, when blood had to be shed to take away the guilt of sin,  your sin has been taken away; by the blood of Yeshua.  ( see Exchange at the Cross)

You will find yourself in conflict with the world around you, which is still determined to carry on rejecting Yeshua and trusting in its own righteousness.   Happily he promised to leave the Ruach ha Kodesh to comfort, strengthen you and to teach you in your new life of aiming to please Avienu she ba Shamayim.     Yeshua can be your  Shalom.

Many Gentiles, upon coming to trust in Jesus/Yeshua are helped by having an outline prayer of repentance and commitment ( often called a sinner's prayer ) to start off their relationship. I have offered a modified version of such a prayer in case it helps. However, I understand that many Jews need nothing more than to talk to Yeshua and ask him to reveal himself as the living Messiah.     Just tell Yeshua what is on your heart.

Yeshua, thank you for showing me that you are Meschiach;  that you are the one we have been looking for

Thank you for being all I need to save me from the sin that is part of  my human nature.     I believe you died for me even though you know what I am like.   I am sorry for my sins and I want to trust in your blood to make me clean.

I want you to be my righteousness.  I want to stop trying to be righteous in my own strength and running my life my way.   

I want to rely on your promise of strength from the Ruach ha Kodesh  to live a new life for you in the fullness of my Jewish heritage.  Show me yourself in the Tanakh.

Please reveal more of yourself each day and help me to grow in you.   Please help me to be renewed in my attitudes to other people.


If you have prayed this prayer, please go on from this decision by daily  practice of your Jewish faith and worship, study of Tanakh and Brit Hadashah, * in prayer, and by joining a fellowship of believers.  

You could start looking for a fellowship with the help of Maoz on our Internet links page.

It will encourage you greatly, and delight our Lord, if you tell someone about your decision.   It will be especially good to tell someone who will encourage and pray for you.   We would like to hear from you.   E-mail us - info @ wildolive

*  To study Tanakh and Brit Hadashah (if English is your native tongue) the Complete Jewish Bible translation by David Stern is highly recommended


The last thing Yeshua told his disciples before returning to Heaven was to make people from all nations into disciples and immerse them into the reality of the Father, the Son and the Ruach HaKodesh.        To find out more about this and its origin in the Mikveh, click  Baptism.

Learning all there is to know about Yeshua is not the same as knowing him.   We need to want to know him personally.    The ultimate is to be a God Chaser in the way Tommy Tenney describes in his book "The God Chasers"               See Books page.      (Maoz is working to publish this book in Hebrew)     


This is how Aaron and his sons were told to bless the people.  

May I offer it as a blessing upon you?

Y'varekh'ka ADONAI v'yishmerekha

Ya'er ADONAI panav eleikha vichunekka

Yissa ADONAI panav eleikha v'yasem l'kha shalom

Numbers 6 v24-26

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"The LORD bless you and keep you.

The LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you.

The LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace."


Updated 09/11/11

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